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Mediation involves an attempt to reach a resolution of issues in a case. A trained, neutral third party and the parties’ attorneys’ hard work to assist the parties in settling all or some parts of their case. In most counties, attending mediation is a pre-requisite to scheduling any hearing before the court. Frank Family Law Practice, family law, divorce, and adoption attorney in Orlando FL will be able to counsel and represent you during this necessary and critical portion of your family law process. We strive to put our clients first, so call now to see what we can do for you.

Jennifer Frank

Jennifer C. Frank

As well as being an exceptional family law attorney in Orlando FL, Jennifer Frank is a State of Florida Certified Family Law Mediator. When hired as a mediator, Jennifer must put away her “lawyer hat” and step in as a neutral professional working to help two parties (and their attorneys) find resolution and reach a settlement. As a mediator, Jennifer works hard to limit the positional and intractable bargaining behaviors that typically prevent settlement. Instead, Jennifer works with parties and their lawyers to have the often difficult face-to-face conversations necessary to reach a creative resolution while in a safe, comfortable, non-threatening and effective mediation environment. Jennifer explores and develops creative and workable solutions and is committed to providing parties and their attorneys the necessary time and space needed to ensure that all aspects of their Agreement are fully understood before signing. Jennifer can be hired as a neutral mediator in your case.

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