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One of the most challenging situations that any individual can face in their life is a divorce proceeding. We strive to make searching for your divorce attorney in Orlando easy by offering competent and family-oriented attorneys with years of experience.

There are generally two types of divorces: An uncontested divorce and a contested divorce. If you and your spouse are in agreement regarding all the issues of your separation (time-sharing with the children, distribution of assets, alimony, etc.), then an uncontested divorce, which involves an agreement and settlement of all issues without court intervention, may very well be possible, and with the right divorce attorney in Orlando on your side, perhaps with a speedy resolution. A contested divorce involves court intervention and is one in which the court makes the final decisions in dissolving your marriage. A contested divorce normally involves a time-line which includes filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and other initial documents with the court, with the other party filing a response with within 20 days; exchanging financial information; attending mediation; and if the case is not settled, eventually going to trial. If you need a divorce attorney in Orlando or the Central Florida area, Frank Family Law Practice can help you successfully through all types of family law cases.

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