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Why Some People Choose a Legal Separation Over a Divorce

Why Some People Choose a Legal Separation Over a Divorce

Why Some People Choose a Legal Separation Over a Divorce

When a couple's union is on the rocks, it does not always mean that divorce is the inescapable resolution to their spousal problems. In some cases, couples in Altamonte Springs choose a legal separation instead of divorce. There are diverse reasons why some people find legal separation preferable to divorce.

The difference between legal seperation and divorce

First, it is crucial to comprehend that an informal trial split is not the same as a legal separation. For example, a couple may freely choose to live separated for a while before divorcing. However, for their break to be a legal separation, there needs to be a court order that dictates the privileges and responsibilities of each partner, who are still wedded to one another even though they do not live together. A divorce, of course, perpetually ends a betrothal.

Choosing seperation for medical and financial reasons

Why would a pair choose a legal separation instead of a divorce? There are numerous reasons, some private and some economic. For instance, if the partners desire for one mate to remain a dependent on the other partner's health insurance, a couple who are legally split may do this, while a divorce would sever this connection. In addition, couples who are legally separated can still be regarded as next of kin and, therefore, can make judgments about their partner's medical or financial matters if their partner is incapable of doing so on their own. Likewise, if a couple is lawfully separated, they may still possess the legal right to property benefits if one of them passes away. Again, this would not be feasible if the couple got divorced.

Choosing seperation for religious reasons

In addition, sometimes, someone's religion does not allow divorce. These people may prefer legal separation, so they can stay married but do not have to live together. Also, a legal separation can be fleeting, while a divorce is permanent. Therefore, couples who merely need some time apart to decide whether divorce is in their best interests may desire a legal separation. And in a divorce and a legal separation, the court can make determinations regarding child custody, visitation, and property division. Thus, if a couple is legally separated, they will comprehend how these problems will work out should they eventually divorce.

In the end, choosing whether to seek a legal separation or a divorce is a highly personal determination. Some couples may require the breathing room a legal separation delivers, while others think that simply ending the marriage via divorce is in their best interests. Therefore, it is important that couples carefully consider the benefits of legal separation versus divorce, so they can make a decision that best fulfills their needs.

These are some of the many reasons a couple might choose a legal seperation over a divorce. No matter which course they choose, it is an extremely personal decision to make. Call us today if you need assistance from a family law practice in Altamonte Springs. We are here for you.