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Understanding the Signs of Domestic Violence

Understanding the Signs of Domestic Violence

Understanding the Signs of Domestic Violence

It is reported that more than 1 in 3 women and more than 1 in 4 men in the US experience domestic violence from an intimate partner at least once in their life. Because of the high rates of domestic violence, it is important to understand how to recognize the signs that you are in an abusive and harmful relationship. As a family law practice in Orlando, we work to defend and protect many individuals from their harmful past and the dangers they have in their present life. These are a few signs that can indicate domestic violence.

Your Partner is Very Controlling and Manipulate

In relationships with domestic abuse, the partner almost always wants, or needs, to be the center of attention. They may exert extreme jealousy or anger when they are not placed in the center of attention, and this can be harmful to anyone who steps in their way. If their spouse is not acting in a way that appeases them, they can lash out or cause conflicts. They can also gaslight their spouses so that they can feel more powerful in the relationship.

Your Partner Emotionally Berates You

Not all abuse is physical. In fact, many people suffer from emotional or psychological abuse that can have lasting negative consequences. If your partner constantly belittles you, yells at you, or blames you for things that you have no control over, then you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship. They may do this by saying things like ‘you are stupid’ or ‘you can’t wear that outfit,’ as these comments aim to make you feel less attractive or dumb, which can degrade your self-confidence.

Your Feel Trapped

Your relationship should not be a punishment that you feel trapped into. Instead, you should be happy and willing to stay. When you feel like you cannot leave your partner because you feel unsafe or in danger, you may be in an abusive relationship. If you feel as though your partner will hunt you down or injure you in some way, you need to talk with a safe and trusted friend or professional to come up with a plan to remove yourself from the relationship as soon as it is safe.

Your Partner Does Not Respect You

When you are constantly being told that your opinions do not matter or that your thinking is wrong, you may start to believe it. This is what your partner wants you to feel, as they want to manipulate you to feel smaller so that you need them in your life. When they have no respect for you and do not care about your opinions, thoughts, or feelings, you are in a relationship that only serves them. This abuse can make you feel isolated or alone in your own home.

By recognizing the signs of domestic violence, you can save yourself or any friends and family that you believe may be suffering from the dangers of an abusive relationship. If you are looking for legal protection against those who have committed domestic violence towards you, talk to our family law practice in Orlando to get the help you need today.