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Understanding Family Law

Understanding Family Law

Understanding Family Law

The area of legal practice focusing on issues involving family relationships like child custody, divorce, marriage, adoption, and many others is called family law. Family law attorneys can represent their clients in all family court proceedings or other related negotiations. They are also qualified to draft necessary legal paperwork like property agreements and court petitions. Some family lawyers specialize in emancipation, paternity, adoption, or other legal matters that are not typically related to divorces. Family matters encompass many aspects of life. Attorneys in this field assist many different types of people facing numerous sensitive issues that most people never assume to be included under the umbrella of family law.

Our family law practice in Altamonte Springs offers this information on family law and everything it entails:

Important terms

Prenuptial agreement- A legal agreement made between a woman and a man before marriage where they dissolve future rights to one another's property in the event of death or divorce.

Emancipation- A court process that causes a minor to no longer be under the care of their parents, assume adult responsibilities for their welfare, and become completely self-supporting.

Paternity- Descent or origin from a father (establishing paternity confirms a child's biological father's identity.)

Marital property- Property acquired by either spouse during the course of their marriage that upon divorce is subject to division.
Alimony- An allowance from one spouse to the other to support them during or after divorce or legal separation.

Reasons for hiring a family law attorney.

In most cases, family law attorneys represent their clients in divorce proceedings or other matters related to a divorce. Family law is a rather broad practice area that includes issues like reproductive rights and foster care. Since most family law matters hit very close to home, it is crucial to have trusted legal representation on your side to help ensure that your loved ones are adequately represented and significantly protected during the legal process.

The most common reasons people hire a family law attorney include:

Foster care or adoption- The adoption process is complex and differs depending on the type of adoption, variances in state laws, where the child is from, and many other factors. These factors make it essential to consult with a family lawyer. In many situations, foster parents try to adopt their foster children, though the foster process in itself does not generally require legal representation.

Child support and child custody- Settlement agreements and court orders that involve support and custody are generally included in more prominent divorce cases but can be revisited when conditions change. For example, child support can be altered when non-custodial parents change financial situations.
Paternity- In most situations, mothers file paternity cases to get child support payments from an absent father. In some cases, paternity is filed by biological fathers to have a relationship with their offspring. DNA testing typically determines paternity.

Divorce- In divorce proceedings, both partners hire their lawyers to help determine a settlement plan to avoid trial. Most family law attorneys are highly skilled at marital property division, spousal support calculations, child custody proposal plans, and support and visitation.

Related areas of practice

It is not uncommon for family law to intersect with other legal practice areas. For example, child abuse or domestic violence cases often involve criminal investigations. Family courts are responsible for determining the best way to protect victims and ensure safety for those involved. Other related legal practice areas include:

  • Naturalization and immigration law
  • Collaborative and mediation law
  • Estate planning

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