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Three Common Myths About Divorce

Three Common Myths About Divorce

Three Common Myths About Divorce

Divorce is rich in myths and individual opinions. There is ever so much more perplexity surrounding it than other regions of law because most individuals know somebody who has undergone a divorce or custody case, so many personal opinions and millions of stories are attached to it.

Today our family law practice in Winter Park wants to set you straight on a few myths about it. So here are some things about our profession you can stop believing as soon as possible:

Your attorney is making your case difficult to bill you more.

This 100% occurs with some law firms and attorneys. However, we care about you and your divorce case. We're not interested in making bills you cannot pay. We simply do not have the time or energy to fabricate problems. We are committed to your future and your referrals. Our lawyers want to develop trust for your suit and everything else we may require to assist you later. We want you to inform your friends we're amazing attorneys. Those things simply don't fit with constructing nonsense bills. So, what will help keep your costs low? Acting reasonably during divorce proceedings is a great way to keep your bill low. The more unwarranted communication (i.e., tantrums you throw, the details you believe we need, and your demand to speak about it even if we inform you that it's not appropriate at this time), the more hours we must devote to your suit.

Children are allowed to choose which parent they prefer to live with when they are X years old.

The main question in every custody issue is, what's in the child's best interest? Kids do not usually know the solution to that question because they're kids. The courts will evaluate children's opinions. It's just not the only element that goes into determining their best interest. Sometimes kids are appointed outside help to assist in determining their best interest, and sometimes not. Older kids, like those who are 16 or 17, usually get more input than younger kids on their preferred agenda. However, the notion that kids get to call the shots in custody is a myth.

My divorce will be extremely messy.

If you aren't angry or vindictive, you aren't doing it right does not apply to divorce. Divorce really is the procedure of dividing up assets and coming to an understanding of how to close down the marriage. Fights not only affect finances; they also affect your capacity to move to the next part of your life. You can bypass this. Divorce does not need to be ugly. We have seen it be fair and friendly. Ask us how you can accomplish it too!

These are just a few common myths about divorce. Contact our family law practice in Winter Park today for more information. We are here for you.