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Should I File for Divorce? Five Signs Your Marriage May Be Crippling You

Should I File for Divorce? Five Signs Your Marriage May Be Crippling You

Should I File for Divorce? Five Signs Your Marriage May Be Crippling You

Marriages end. It may sound sad, but it’s true. Some marriages are not meant to go the distance, and that is okay. When you look at the benefits of living independently and finally having the freedom, safety, or confidence to be your true self, you may want to reach for the phone and call that family law practice in Altamonte Springs to help you start the divorce process. Are you ready for divorce? There are a few signs that show it may be time for you to end your marriage.

You Are Always Being Criticized

Are you always being belittled by your spouse? Do you struggle to have a voice because you are scared of what your spouse will say? Constant criticism can carve away at your self-confidence and leave you full of insecurities, which creates an unhealthy marriage. When you are accustomed to this type of treatment, you may never even think that you deserve more.

You Have No Intimacy

Intimacy is an important aspect of any marriage, as it keeps you and your spouse connected and in tune with one another. When your marriage lacks intimacy, you may struggle to connect, and this can cause a divide over time. Although marriages have periods with ruts, a lack of intimacy over a long period of time can indicate a larger problem in the relationship.

You Are Abused

Abuse should be a marriage deal-breaker. Many people may stay in an abusive marriage because they assume they can change their spouse, or they think that the ‘last time’ was the last time. However, abuse is never right. When you are mistreated, physically harmed, or emotionally abused by your spouse, you need to consider ways to safely remove yourself from the situation. Getting out of the marriage may be frightening or challenging, but it can save your life.

Your Spouse Cheated

When one spouse steps out on the marriage, it can break trust and cause marriages to end. Infidelity is likely caused by a larger problem, such as a lack of intimacy or connection with your spouse, but these are never reasons to have an affair. In many cases, infidelity is a deal-breaker, as the trust may never be fully regained.

You Always Fight about Money

Money issues are another large problem that can dissolve many marriages. When you constantly worry or fight over money, you may start to resent one another. Also, some spouses cannot deal with their spouse making a higher salary than them, and this can also cause large rifts. If you constantly fight about money, you may want to take a closer look at the relationship dynamics to decide whether this situation will ever change.

You Like the Idea of Independence

Simply put, you want a divorce. Sometimes marriages end because they have run their course and you are just ready for something new. If the idea of living independently and having freedom from your spouse makes you excited, it may be the right time to pick up the phone and call that family law practice in Altamonte Springs.

These are a few signs that may indicate your marriage is causing you to lose your sense of self and you may be considering divorce. If you are ready to file for divorce, contact our experienced attorneys to start the divorce process today.