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6 Reasons People Get Divorced

6 Reasons People Get Divorced

6 Reasons People Get Divorced

Many people wonder whether there are good reasons to get a divorce. Some people struggle with the question of whether to end their marriage or try harder to make things work. These are challenging thoughts to develop solutions for, especially while you are in the relationship in question. The experts from our family law practice in Orlando offer the following reasons to divorce your partner, which can also be warning signs, particularly when your partner refuses to seek professional help to change their bad behavior.

Physical violence

This one should be a no-brainer, but sometimes it isn't easy to see clearly when you care about someone. If your partner has been physically abusive to you or your kids, you should leave the situation as soon as possible and get some professional help. Physical abuse toward anybody, especially your kids, without actual action and commitment to get professional help, is the best reason to get out. Physical abuse includes forcing decisions about fertility (abortions/pregnancy), blocking access to needed medical care, and putting you in dangerous circumstances.

Untreated mental health issue

You can manage mental health problems successfully with professional help. In addition, a partner’s untreated personality disorder or mental illness can be too much for any relationship. Suppose this is an ongoing issue damaging your physical, emotional, or mental health. In that case, it is best to leave the relationship and let your partner deal with their problems alone.

Mistreating children

Inappropriate sexual behavior or violence toward children, whether biological or not, is a call to get yourself out of the situation and seek professional help for your child as quickly as possible.

Repeated infidelity

A single instance of infidelity does not always mean your marriage is over. With commitment and dedication, you and your partner can work to repair your marriage. On the other hand, an ongoing affair or repeated infidelities are a type of emotional abuse and a good reason to leave the relationship and live a happier life.


People have the potential to battle and overcome addiction. On the other hand, ongoing drug and alcohol use, gambling, or other behaviors that harm your relationship, children, or family relationships are good reasons to consider getting a divorce. If your spouse shows no willingness to change or refuses to get help, separation is the best option.


If your partner tries to control your activities, finances, friends, or behavior and uses excessive criticism, anger, or threats to influence you, this is a form of abuse. If your spouse is demanding and controlling and shows no willingness to change or seek help, you should quickly get out of the relationship. This is the initial warning sign of an abusive partner, and it is essential to escape before the behavior escalates.

These are just some of the reasons people get divorced. Contact our family law practice in Orlando if you need legal counsel. We are here to help you with the divorce process and protect your interests.