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4 Reasons Your May Need a Family Law Attorney

4 Reasons Your May Need a Family Law Attorney

4 Reasons Your May Need a Family Law Attorney

Attorneys who specialize in family law matters deal with many complex matters that other lawyers are not trained for. The more common matters for family law attorneys are child custody, divorce, guardianship, and prenuptial agreements. As an experienced and reputable family law practice in Altamonte Springs, we specialize in many different cases to help you overcome tough legal situations. These are some of the reasons why you may need a family law attorney.

Will and Estate Planning

Your legal will and estate are important to plan for. No one wants to think about their own mortality; however, it is the only constant in life. Therefore, we must be prepared for the sake of those who survive us. It is important that you arrange for your estate and assets to be managed upon your departure, and that is why a family law attorney is important in these matters. They are experienced in arranging the estates and will of those who come to them for such services. They know which areas to cover and what is often overlooked when these matters are handled without an attorney. They can make this process run smoothly and swiftly so you can have some peace of mind.


One of the most stressful, painful, and emotionally compromising events a person could experience is divorce. If you are unfortunate enough to have to proceed with a divorce, it is best not to do go at it alone. Emotions cloud judgment, and your soon-to-be ex-spouse could be persistent on making the process as difficult as possible. If you do not have representation, you could come out of the divorce on an unfavorable result that will only add insult to injury. The idea is to settle this matter without the need for a courtroom.

Prenuptial Agreements

The purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to protect and ensure the property and assets of one or both unmarried parties prior to their marriage. It isn't just about preventing a loved one from getting property/financial from their spouse in a divorce, it is a legal statement of ownership and legal protection to do with what you want with your property that you own prior to the partnership.

Prenuptial agreements are also used to divide and stake claim to debt and pension/retirement plans. A family law attorney can assist in drafting and filing a prenuptial agreement.

Child Custody Battles

A custody battle doesn't always have to be a battle. In fact, many custody matters can be settled out of court with a little bit of understanding, better judgment, cooperation, and the right family law attorney. This is a challenging situation that impacts more than just the parents. A family law attorney can help the process run fairly and calmly. When parents approach these custody hearings on their own, like with divorce, emotions can dictate outcomes.

Making sure you are represented by the right family law practice in Altamonte Springs is important to ensuring that you have an unbiased middleman to handle matters of family law that are otherwise compromising to individuals who go at it alone.

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