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2 Tips for a Successful Child Custody Case

2 Tips for a Successful Child Custody Case

2 Tips for a Successful Child Custody Case

A child custody case is one of the most critical and stressful situations you will ever engage in. After all, your child's well-being is hanging in the balance. Unfortunately, child custody deliberations are rarely pleasant. There is no magical answer to guaranteeing a successful child custody dispute, but there are things you can do to improve the odds of success. Our family law practice in Winter Park recommends these tips for a successful child custody case:

Focus on your child’s best interests

This tip should be a given, but many parents lose sight of the importance of acting in the best interest of their children. They often get a bit obsessed with trying to win. Do not let your focus shift from the best thing for your child because you are trying to hurt your ex. Heated custody battles take a toll on anyone involved. Even babies are aware and impacted by the stress of custody cases and separation. Children experience anxiety just like adults, sometimes worse because they do not have the life experience to regulate their emotions independently. Custody disputes can interrupt their sleep patterns, adversely impact their mood, and cause other troubling behaviors.

Older children may stress about the unknowns, like having to change schools, move, and make a whole new set of friends. They commonly feel like they are to blame for the situation and that one of their parents may not support them or love them anymore. Remember that divorce is emotionally challenging for everyone, so stay focused on what is best for your children throughout the process. Divorce is a critical time to reassure and support them emotionally.

As you sort through the details of the custody agreement, remember that children benefit from both parents being active in their lives. Therefore, it is crucial to agree on a schedule that allows quality time with both parents unless one is unfit to care for them because they might cause the children emotional or physical harm. If you are dealing with an unfit parent, contact an attorney right away to protect your child.

Hire an attorney experienced with family law cases

It is critical to obtain an attorney quickly when going through a custody case. They know the law and have experience trying cases like yours. They will assume the role of peacemaker and protector while working for everyone’s best interests. Having representation from the beginning will protect you from costly errors. Some parents begin the custody dispute with unrealistic expectations and false assumptions. For example, it is improbable to gain 100% full custody unless the other parent is a serious safety threat.

Never assume that being a woman means the court will rule in your favor and grant you the custody agreement you desire. This is rarely the case. Likewise, never assume as a father that the court will favor your ex. Despite the rumors, this is really not how things work. Courts favor the children in custody cases, and they prefer to keep both parents involved in the children's lives. Your lawyer will help you understand what to expect and help you negotiate an equitable parenting agreement and visitation schedule that benefits everyone. If you have concerns about your children’s well-being, having legal representation is critical. They will advocate for your child’s best interest and make their safety a top priority.

Follow these tips for successfully managing a child custody case. And contact us today if you need a family law practice in Winter Park. We are here to help you effectively navigate the legal landscape.