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Six Common Issues that Can Lead to Divorce

Six Common Issues that Can Lead to Divorce

Six Common Issues that Can Lead to Divorce

Are you wondering why the divorce rates are so high?  Are you curious why the majority of marriages end up in divorce?  Marriage has many conflicts, and couples that don't properly resolve them or cannot repair any damages end up filing for divorce.   As a family law practice in Orlando, we work with our clients to ensure that they are legally taken care of and advocated for during their divorce process.  Divorce can be lengthy, bittersweet, or even just vengeful.  Sadly, it can also be common.  There are a few common marital issues that lead people towards divorce.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can cause physical, emotional, and sexual harm to another individual, and this causes many relationships to reach their bitter and scary ending.  When you are in an abusive marriage, you will want to do everything you can to safely and legally separate yourself from your spouse.  Domestic violence, unfortunately, is a common cited reason for the end of many marriages.


Stepping out on the marriage is one of the leading causes of divorce.  When someone cheats, they often cause irreparable trust issues that cause their spouse to file for divorce.  Cheating or being unfaithful can cause pain and hurt to your spouse, and this may never fully heal.

Financial Troubles

Although money in itself is not always the exact reason for divorce, money problems can cause stress, anxiety, conflict, and many more issues in a relationship.  Living in poverty can place a strain on any relationship, and eventually this strain can lead to divorce.  Not fully understanding how someone else spends their money can also be difficult, especially in a marriage with joint financial responsibilities.


When you just don't get along with your spouse, you may cite incompatibility as a reason for divorce.  Before you walked down the aisle, you may have failed to fully understand certain aspects of someone's personality, and these can be causing everlasting rifts in the relationship.  Also, people change, and sometimes their changes can cause glaring issues that are beyond repair.

Commitment Issues

Even though you both have rings on your finger, and you've both said your vows, you or your spouse may still struggle with committing to one another.  Marriage may involve a drastic lifestyle change for some, and this can lead people to question their commitment.  Also, commitment may fade over time.  This can lead people to realize that they are better people without being attached to one another.

Constant Conflict

Are you in a marriage that involves constant fighting?  Conflict is another major reason that people end their marriages.  Bickering and arguing is normal, but when these conflicts become constant, angry, bitter, and vengeful, you may have a problem.  Conflicts that never reach resolution may continue to arise in your marriage, which can eventually lead you towards divorce.

These are some of the most common issues that can cause people to file for divorce and end their marriage.  When you are going through difficult times, you will want to trust our family law practice in Winter Park with your legal concerns.  Contact our trusted and reputable attorneys to schedule your consultation today.