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Four Ways that Divorce Can Affect Children

Four Ways that Divorce Can Affect Children

Four Ways that Divorce Can Affect Children

Are you concerned how your divorce may impact your children?  Do you wonder how to protect your children from the negative affects of divorce?  Many people hear the horror stories that accompany the children of broken marriages in the years following a divorce.  They may hear about the troubles these kids face or the mental health issues that a divorce may cause on young children or adolescents.  However, it is important to work with the right family law practice in Orlando that can help you with all matters regarding your family so that you can protect them from these affects.  These are some of the most common affects that divorce can have on the children.

Increased Irritability

Children and adolescents do not fully understand how to cope and manage their emotions when they are overwhelmed, angry, or confused.  This may lead to an increase in their irritability and a rise in their actions to deal with these emotions.  They may direct their irritable behaviors towards people they love the most, like parents, grandparents, and trusted friends.  When this occurs, talk to them about the root of their emotions so that you can understand why they are acting out.

Lower Academic Performance

When children have disruptions to their everyday routine, they will become confused.  They may even blame themselves for the divorce.  These disruptions can cause them to slack off at school, skip classes, miss homework assignments, and drift off during lectures.  As this occurs, you will notice their academic performance start to lower, and their grades may also suffer.  Talk with your child’s school and teachers so everyone is there to support your child through these difficult times.

Less Interest in Social Activities

Many children also may suffer from disruptions to their social life, which can impede their social skills if this continues over time.  They may start to feel social anxiety, withdrawn behaviors, and low self-esteem that can make it difficult to meet new friends and connect with others.  Divorce may make children feel as though it is tough to connect with other individuals, especially those who are not from similar circumstances.

Feelings of Guilt

Many children that have divorced parents may blame themselves in the beginning.  They may feel like they have done something wrong to cause their parents’ marriage to fail, and this can lead to an increased pressure to perform in other aspects of their life.  It can eventually cause depression, anxiety, stress, and many other health problems.

These are just a few of the ways that divorce may impact your children if you do not take extra steps to protect and care for them during this process.  As a family law practice in Orlando, we are here to help you with this transition and the legal difficulties that it brings to the whole family.  Contact us for your initial consultation with our experienced attorneys today.