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Four Important Factors that Affect Child Custody Cases

Four Important Factors that Affect Child Custody Cases

Four Important Factors that Affect Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases deal with the rights and responsibilities that the parents have when their marriage ends.  Their parenting responsibilities may slightly alter after their marriage ends, as they will need to consider how to co-parent, divide responsibilities evenly, or lose parenting rights entirely.  These all depend upon the situation of your divorce, your financial stability, mental state, and other important factors.  As a family law practice in Altamonte Springs, we advocate for our clients as they go through divorce and child custody cases.  These are a few of the factors that courts will consider when settling your child custody case.

Relationship Between Child and Parent

The courts will take a close look into the relationships between the children and the parents, both before and after the separation.  How present were the parents?  Which parent does the child gravitate toward?  Do they spend time with both parents?   All these factors will matter when the courts make their decision on the custody arrangement that is best for the children.  They will ask for evidence to showcase your relationship, looking at everything from family photos to witness testimonial to the children’s conversations.

Instances of Abuse or Neglect

If there is any history of child abuse, neglect, or mistreatment, the courts will likely favor toward the other parent.  This can even cause them to consider a different individual to be responsible for the children’s guardianship, especially if both parents are deemed guilty of these incidents.   Any time that a child is neglected or mistreated, the courts will not believe those adults are suitable parents or guardians to care for the children.

Mental and Physical Conditions of Parents and Children

In addition to the financial situation of each parent, the courts will also look at the physical and mental conditions of the parents.  Those are deemed mentally instable will likely not be the favorable parent to win the custody battle, because they may be seen as unfit for parenting responsibilities.  They may instead need to work on their personal issues before the court can give them parenting rights.  The courts will also look at the mental and physical needs for the children, and they will make sure that the parents can provide them with all the accommodations the children need to live a happy, healthy, and stable lifestyle.

Preferences of Children

Many people are surprised to find out that the preferences of the children will be considered when choosing their child custody arrangements.  The lawyers and judges will have private conversations with the children to gain a better understanding the living arrangement they want to have.  This involves asking them personal questions or anecdotes about their parents so they can have a full and truthful picture of both parents and their styles.

These are some of the most important factors that will be evaluated in your child custody case.  When you are concerned about your parenting rights after a divorce, you want to find the best representation out there. Contact us to hear about our experienced family law practice in Altamonte Springs today.