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Five Topics You Should Discuss Before You Get Married

Five Topics You Should Discuss Before You Get Married

Five Topics You Should Discuss Before You Get Married

Are you about to get married?  Do you want to make sure that you and your spouse are as prepared as possible to tie the knot?  Getting married is the beginning of an exciting and new chapter of your life, but you do not want to go into this arrangement lightly.  As a family law practice in Orlando, we urge many couples to have important, and maybe uncomfortable, conversations before they choose to legally marry.  These are some of the topics that you should discuss before you get married.


Before you enter a legal union, it is important to discuss your thoughts on children.  Do you want to have children?   Do you know if your spouse wants to have children?  Having these discussions before you get married is essential in making sure that you are on the same page about family planning, family building, and child rearing.  If you have opposing viewpoints, you may later find that these are dealbreakers for you.


Take the time to discuss the importance of family and in-laws in your future life.  If you plan to live near family, you need to find ways to establish boundaries to have space and privacy.  If you live farther away, discuss how you will ensure that you stay connected to family if that is a common goal.  When you merge two families together, you should have a basic understanding of what that will look like.


Conversations about money are always uncomfortable, private, and difficult.  However, when you get married, you need to have the same perspective about finances as your spouse.  This can look differently in every relationship.  Some marriages thrive with joint accounts, while other couples keep their financials separate.  Find what works for you, but talk about any student loans, debt, investments, and assets that you have prior to the marriage.

Future Plans

Does your job require you to spend a lot of time travelling?  Do you want to move to a different country in the future?  When you get married, you spouse will want to have an idea of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the future.  This will allow them to match your vision and grow together.  When you do not have these conversations, they may assume that you have the same future plans that they do.


Is religion a large part of your life?  Do you want your future children to also follow your faith?  Take the time to discuss the role that religion will play in your life, and discuss the importance, or lack of importance, that your faith has on your life.  By discussing this before marriage, your spouse will have a clear understanding of how you plan to shape your future with religion.

These are just a few of the important topics that you should have before you get married.  By preparing yourself for the life you will soon share, you will avoid getting into a situation that may end in a way that you may have never predicted.  If you are considering whether you should get a prenuptial agreement, you may want to talk with a family law practice in Orlando to hear about the benefits.  Contact us to schedule a consultation today.