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Five Signs You Are in an Abusive Marriage

Five Signs You Are in an Abusive Marriage

Five Signs You Are in an Abusive Marriage

Are you concerned with your safety when you are with your spouse?  Do you want to know how to get out of your relationship safely?  Being in a toxic relationship can have many negative effects on your entire life.  From causing you to lose friends and family to suffer from physical and emotional abuse, this situation is one that you will want to get out of quickly.  To remove yourself safely from an abusive marriage, you will want to trust a quality family law practice in Altamonte Springs.  These are a few sings that you may be in an abusive marriage.

You are Ignored

When you are in a one-sided relationship, you may constantly struggle to find your own voice.  Over time, this can cause you to become silenced, or even feel as though your opinions and thoughts do not matter.  Being belittled or ignored on a routine basis is unhealthy to your self-esteem.  You may even start to lose sight of the things you once loved, especially if you are always doing something for your spouse.  This can cause you to become full of self-doubt, low self-confidence, depression, or even feelings of worthlessness.

You Are Not Comfortable

When you are anxious, stressed, or afraid to be around your spouse, something is wrong.  Being uncomfortable in their presence can lead you to question yourself or make changes to yourself to mold into what they want you to be.  By doing this, you lose your sense of self and your independence.  Many people in toxic relationships bite their tongue for fear of what their spouse will say or do.  

You Are Blamed for Everything

Are you constantly being blamed for things in your marriage?  Do you feel like everything is always your fault?  Being in a toxic relationship may also mean that you are the one to blame when anything – no matter how big or small – goes wrong.  You may start to believe that you are not good enough, lose your confidence, or even feel ashamed of yourself over time.

You Cannot Improve or Grow

When you are in a relationship with a controlling individual, they may forbid you from making any changes to your lifestyle or appearance.  They can manipulate you to feel inadequate or mock you for making any changes that you may want in your life.  By discouraging you from making changes or improvements to your life, they withhold you from growth and success for their own personal reasons.

You Are Afraid

Being afraid to be with your spouse is another red flag that you are in a toxic relationship.  If you are afraid for your emotional or physical safety, you will want to reach out for help immediately.  Establish a support system of trusted friends and family so that you can have a group of people that can keep you safe and secure if you are in danger.

If you are involved in an abuse marriage, you will want the help of a quality family law practice in Altamonte Springs to help you through the divorce and other safety legalities.  Contact Frank Family Law Practice to hear how we can help you stay safe today.