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Advice for Finding Success in Mediation

Advice for Finding Success in Mediation

Advice for Finding Success in Mediation

Do you need to settle disputes, such as divorce, child custody, dividing assets, or parental rights concerns?  Are you looking to resolve your family dispute in mediation with the help of a lawyer?  Settling family disputes can bring up many tensions, which can create conflict and cause feelings to be hurt in the process.  By working through your dispute in mediation, you save yourself and your family from the long process of going to court.  As a family law practice in Altamonte Springs, we advocate for many families as they work to compromise in mediation.  There are a few pieces of advice to consider when negotiating in mediation.

Prepare Documents in Advance

To speed up the mediation process, you should have the documentation and necessary paperwork completed upon arrival.  Doing the paperwork in advance will save you from having to waste time filling the paperwork out when you are in the room.  By doing this, you will be able to provide your attorney with paperwork to prepare for negotiations, and you also get right down to business when you arrive.  Preparing is the best way to come into mediation with a strategy of how to get what you deserve.

Be Timely

Wasting time is important both during and before the negotiations taken place in mediation.  Make sure that you arrive on time to any meetings with your attorney.  This will not only save you time, but it will also save you a lot of money.  Paying for the expenses of an attorney can become expensive, and when you aren't actually there, you are simply throwing money away.

Be Respectful

Make sure that you don't abandon basic common decency when you are negotiating in mediation.  Shake hands with each party and their representation, listen when they are talking, and give them a chance to explain themselves.  By dismissing them before they even have a chance to start talking, you show them that you aren't here to compromise.  This will likely result in an unsuccessful resolution in mediation, and then you will be instructed to take the case to court.

Be Open and Honest

When you are working with a mediator and an attorney, you want to be honest and open about what your next move is. Be direct and also listen to their counsel.  Misleading your mediator can lead to an erroneous miscommunication that has costly repercussions.  Being direct is the best way to be when you are looking to settle your case in mediation.

By following this advice, you can make the mediation process much more productive and efficient, which may lead to a compromise.  This will prevent you and your family from having to resolve your issues in court, which can take much more time and require many more resources.  If you need to settle a family dispute, contact our expert family law practice in Altamonte Springs to hear how we can help you today.