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Three Factors that Can Affect Child Custody Cases

Three Factors that Can Affect Child Custody Cases

Three Factors that Can Affect Child Custody Cases

Are you splitting from your spouse and wondering how that will affect your children?  Do you want to see more of your children after getting a divorce?  Child custody battles can often get ugly or bittle, because the fate of your children is at stake.  You want to be sure that you get time with them, but also that they have stability and consistency in their lives.  Often times, child custody cases are dealt with by family lawyers.  Family law practice in Alamonte Springs offer legal advice and counsel during difficult times, including divorce and child custody cases.  Whenever you are going through this difficult time, it is important to be aware of the factors that can affect your child custody case.

What the Child Wants

Many child custody cases involving older children give them an opportunity to discuss their preference.  They can have a say in where they end up and who they end up with most of the time.  Some states allow the judges to interview the children during a child custody case to help make the ultimate decision.  These sessions are confidential and comfortable for the child, giving them a safe place to discuss their feelings about their parents and the split.  Typically, children over the age of 14 are given more of an opportunity to affect their fate than those of a younger age.

Strength of Relationships

A court will also take into consideration the strength and quality of relationships that the child has with each one of their parents.  If a child is more comfortable or has more of a positive relationship with a particular parent, things will more than likely go in their favor.  During the custody case, it is critical to keep a log of dates and times where you have your child and when your ex has your child.  This data can help the court make a more educated decision about how to split time.

Parental Health

In addition to the quality of relationships between the child and the parents, the court will also consider both the physical and mental health of each parent.  This will help determine whether the parent is healthy and fit enough to properly care for the child.  A parent must be strong enough to tend to all the needs of their child, whether it be taking care of their emotional health, or their physical well-being.  If the court determines that a parent is not mentally or physically well enough to care for their children, they may lose the custody battle.  

These factors can help determine your child custody case outcome.  Because the outcome of this case is critical to your children's life, you want to make the best decisions throughout this process.  Whenever you are going through a child custody battle with your ex, you want to trust the experts at family law practice in Alamonte Springs to help you with your legal needs and get the result you deserve.  Contact us today to hear about how we can help you.