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Four Reasons Why You Should Have a Will

Four Reasons Why You Should Have a Will

Four Reasons Why You Should Have a Will

No one likes to think about what's going to happen when they die.  It's a morbid and sad topic, so it's often avoided.  However, there are many reasons why you need to confront the uncomfortable and prepare for the worst.  By doing so, you can make sure that those that you leave behind will be taken care of and your possessions, property, and finances will be allocated according to your desires.  As a family law practice in Orlando, we can help you create will.  There are many reasons why you should have a will.

You Decide What Happens

Whenever you establish a will, you get to make all the choices regarding your assets after you pass.  A will is a legal document that establishes exactly how your estate will be distributed.  Without a will, your assets will not be distributed as you desire.  Having a will can also prevent any family fights over your assets, because you will have made these clear choices in advance.

It Lowers Estate Taxes

Many people are disgruntled by the amount of money they have to pay in taxes, and creating a will is one way to minimize the taxes you'll have to pay.  The value of what you allocate to your family, friends, and charity will also minimize the amount of estate taxes you will have to pay afterwards.

You Choose the Executor of Your Estate

By having a will, you will be in control of who becomes the executor of your estate.  This is the person who will handle all of your affairs, such as closing out credit cards, paying any bills, and notifying any banks or financial institutions.  You have the chance to choose someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and responsible.   

Speedier Probate Court Proceedings

Regardless of if you have a will or not, all estates require probate court proceedings.  These courts help ensure that your estate is properly handled and administered.  However, when you have a will, this process goes much quicker.  This allows you to have a voice in this matter even though you will no longer be with us.  Without your input, the courts could have many unnecessary and long delays.  This can take a toll on the friends and family who are awaiting these conclusions and discussing your estate with lawyers.

These are just a few of the main reasons why you should create a will with our family law practice in Orlando.  A will guarantees that you still have a say in where your prized possessions go after you are gone.  Even though this is a topic of conversation that most people prefer to avoid, it is a necessary element of life if you want that protection.  Contact us today to hear about how we can assist you in creating a will.