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Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Lawyer

Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Lawyer

Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Lawyer

Whenever it comes time for you to trust a professional to help you through difficult, personal times, you want to make the best decision.  Hiring a family lawyer to assist you through a divorce, with child custody issues, or through domestic violence problems can be a challenge.  You'll want to be sure that you are in the best hands.  At Frank Family Law, a premiere family law practice in Altamonte Springs, you can trust experience, reputation, and compassion to be at the forefront of our law team.  There are a few questions you'll want to ask before you decide on a family lawyer for your legal concerns.

What family law matters do you have experience with?

You want to choose a family lawyer that has experience with your situation, so be sure that you ask your lawyer about their experience before hiring them.  The more familiar they are with your situation, the better they will be able to defend your case.  Ask about their previous experience and cases they have handled to make sure they align with the type of case you are looking to have defended.

How much do you charge?

Even though many people do not feel comfortable talking about money, it is an essential question to ask your law team before you hire them.  Ask them about how much money they charge for their legal counseling and advice, how much their retainer is, and how much they charge for different types of communication (phone, email, meetings).  This information will help you choose the best lawyer that also fits inside your allotted budget.

Do you work with a team?

Once you choose a lawyer, you may be surprised to learn that more than one person handles your case.  Being aware of those who will assist with your case before you hire a legal team is helpful.  It allows you to feel more comfortable knowing who will become familiar with your personal situation and also gives you information on who you can contact regarding updates or information along the way.

What are potential outcomes of my case?

Before you hire a lawyer, you want to be sure that they share your overall vision and expectations of the case.  Ask them about potential outcomes to make sure that your visions align.  Having common goals is extremely important in getting what you deserve out of your case and legal assistance.

These are a few questions that will help you choose the best family law practice in Altamonte Springs to address your legal needs and concerns.  We work with you to determine the right course to get you the best results from your case.  Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced and highly reputable lawyers today.