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Four Facts You Should Know About Child Support

Four Facts You Should Know About Child Support

Four Facts You Should Know About Child Support

Are you splitting from the mother or father of your children?  Are you curious about what will happen regarding the child support arrangement?  Whenever you are battling legal issues with a family law practice in Winter Park, this can made much more complicated with the presence of children.  Child support is the compensation that you will need to pay the primary caregiver in order to provide for their basic needs.  Because the child custody arrangement will likely have your children living with one person primarily, it is important to balance the financial contribution between the two of you.  There are a few facts you should know about child support.  

Many Factors Decide on a Fair Payment

The law dictates what the fair amount of child support will be in your case, so this is where you will need the assistance of an experienced family law practice in Winter Park.  Many factors are taken into consideration.  The court will look at where the child spends most of their time, the income of both parents, the cost of any childcare or extracurricular events, the cost of health insurance, other child support obligations, and the ages of the children in consideration.  All of these factors are taken into account when deciding on child support payments.

Sometimes Child Support Isn't Required

There are actually some circumstances where child support is not required to be paid.  Whenever you share custody of the children with your spouse, the child support guidelines may not require any payments.  Also, if both parents' income is about the same, and you also spend similar amounts of time with your children, you may never actually have to pay any child support.

No Payments Can Result in Legal Action

If one of the parents is not paying the child support payments that are legally required, the primary parent may actually file for legal action against them.  Child support payments are required by law, so parents may actually file a Motion for Contempt for Child Support Order.  This will involve the courts in the process to make the other parent pay.

Child Support Orders Can Be Altered

If you are unsatisfied with your child support payments, you can file a Motion to Modify Child Support Order.  This can be filed under certain circumstances, such as to request an increase or decrease in payments, or to suspend or terminate payments.  Whenever this is granted, it will become in effect on the date of the change, not at the beginning of the payment period.

These are just a few important facts you should know about before you arrange your child support.  Many people do not know these important aspects of child support arrangements until they are in it.  Anytime you need help with child support, you want to trust our family law practice in Winter Park for the best legal advice.  Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced family lawyers today.