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Five Signs You May Consider Divorce

Five Signs You May Consider Divorce

Five Signs You May Consider Divorce

No marriage is perfect.  Although many people find comfort, solace, and love with their spouse, this may not always be the case.   Issues arise whenever you and your spouse start to engage in negative behaviors consistently.  That can cause you to start consider getting a divorce.  If you have tried to work through your issues and they continue to persist, they may past the point of repair.  You may need to turn to our family law practice in Altamonte Springs to assist you through a divorce.  There are five signs that show it may be time for divorce.

You Have Constant Judgment

When you are with a spouse that constantly belittles or judges you, you may be in a toxic relationship.  Although many relationships involve criticism, there is a difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism.  If you spouse constantly judges you by making you feel worse about yourself, this is crossing a line.  

There Is a Lack of Communication

Every relationship goes through ups and downs.  That's why relationship counseling is so important to help you through those rough times.  However, when you have noticed that you and your spouse are not talking or always avoiding one another, this could be detrimental to your relationship.  Without communicating, there is no relationship.

You Don't Have Support

Your relationship with your spouse should be one of your primary support system.  If you cannot rely on your significant other for support, you will start to distance yourself from them.  A lack of support or genuine caring for a partner can prove as toxic for many relationships, especially when that support is actually negative.

You Have Constant Drama

People fight.  It's that simple.  However, some people fight more aggressively and frequently than others.  When you and your partner are always involved in drama, it can be exhausting.  Often times, a person thrives on drama because they are insecure or belligerent, and this can become a dangerous scenario for others.

You Have Feelings of Uncertainty

When you constantly doubt yourself and your abilities because of your spouse, you will live in a state of insecurity.  This can be detrimental to your mental health, and it is not sustainable over time.  When you find yourself being uncertain about your future with your spouse and your feelings towards one another, you may want to consider calling it quits or engaging in relationship counseling.

These are a few signs that show your marriage may be nearing the end.  You may need the legal counsel of an experienced and reputable family law practice in Altamonte Springs to get you started with the divorce process.  Contact us today to schedule a meeting.