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Are You and Your Spouse Headed Towards Divorce?

Are You and Your Spouse Headed Towards Divorce?

Are You and Your Spouse Headed Towards Divorce?

Are you noticing that you and your spouse are headed towards divorce?  Have you been having discussions about ending your marriage and starting fresh?  Divorce will likely be one of the most complicated and difficult parts of your life, as it is something you may have never envisioned for yourself when you took your vows.  However, life can change in an instant, and there many ways that relationships end.  If you and your spouse are considering divorce, you'll want to prepare yourself with the best family law practice in Orlando to discuss any legal ramifications or details.  Before you file any important documents, you should know these signs that you marriage may be headed towards divorce.

You Don't Like Each Other

If you find yourself avoiding your spouse or planning events just to stay busy without your spouse, you may have marital issues.  Growing apart may seem impossible when you first get married, but over time, it is actually common.  Many couples find themselves disinterested or even disliking their spouses after living with and spending much of their time with one another.  Falling out of love is a common reason for getting a divorce.

You Can't Connect

Are you frequently bored by your spouse?  Are you uninterested in them?  When you talk to your spouse, you don't need to be interested in every single word they have to say, but you should be able to find common ground and enjoyment out of their conversation.  If you are constantly struggling to care or listen to your spouse, you may be in trouble.

You Lie All the Time

Dishonesty is a huge issue in a marriage, especially when it runs rampant.  Telling your spouse consistent lies may show that you do not trust one another or you have something to hide.  This can lead to issues, such as infidelity, toxicity, damaged emotions, and much more.  When you notice that you or your spouse lie to one another on a regular basis, your marriage and trust will be heavily compromised.

You Have No Intimacy

Everyone goes through rough patches with their intimacy.  However, when you have no intimacy or connection with your spouse, you may be in trouble.  A lack of intimacy and a desire to be intimate with one another can leave you or your spouse looking for attention elsewhere, which can cause a major rift in a marriage and ultimately lead to divorce.

These are a few telltale signs that show your marriage may be headed for divorce if you do not intervene or work to solve your issues.  When you and your spouse decide on divorce, you will want to stay protected and informed throughout the difficult legal process.  Divorces can be emotionally draining and challenging, so you'll want to trust our family law practice in Orlando to guide you through this process and advocate for your needs.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you through the divorce process today.