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Why You Need a Board Certified Marital and Family Law Attorney

Why You Need a Board Certified Marital and Family Law Attorney

Why You Need a Board Certified Marital and Family Law Attorney

If you have a family issue that needs to be handled by the courts, then you know that you need a tough and experienced lawyer by your side. Only about 6% of the lawyers in the state are board certified marital and family law attorneys. Learn why this essential extra certification may be relevant to winning your cause.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Board Certified Marital and Family Law Attorney?

It can be challenging to find the right attorney to handle your complicated case. When you are shopping, everyone can have an excellent website and lots of positive reviews. Looking for one that is board certified, however, assures you that they have stood up to the scrutiny of their peers and studied hard in the areas of marital and family law.

Practice for Five Years

When a lawyer first graduates from law school, they may have a lot of book knowledge, but they may lack the practical experience that will win your case. A lawyer cannot become board certified until they have been a lawyer for five years. Therefore, hiring a board-certified lawyer gives the person plenty of time to make costly mistakes on someone else’s case before they tackle yours.

50 Percent of Practice

Many lawyers practice a little bit of many different types of law. That is fine when you only have a general need, but when your case becomes more complex, then you need a specialist. It is like going to your family doctor for common colds and other minor ailments, but when it comes time to amputate a body part, then you want a doctor who specializes in amputations. The same idea applies to lawyers. Therefore, before they can become board certified, at least 50 percent of their practice must be in family and marital law for at least five years.

Hearing Contested Cases

Collaborative law and mediation are used to settle many divorces. While these techniques should be encouraged, you need a lawyer that is ready to take your case to court when that is the best alternative. Therefore, a lawyer that is board certified must have been involved with at least 25 cases that are contested in the five years before becoming certified. They need to have taken at least seven of those cases to court.

Pass an Exam

The board-certification exam is designed to be tough. It covers many core competencies that a marital and family lawyer will encounter in their practice, including trials and appeals, property interests, maintenance and support, ethics, domestic violence, settlements, and attorney-client relationships.

When you must find a great family lawyer to handle your case, then look for a board certified marital and family lawyer. While only 6% are certified, one of the best family lawyers is Jennifer Frank, who is the leader of Frank Family Law Practice in Orlando. Give this family law practice in Orlando a call today.