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What Questions Should I Ask When I Meet With a Divorce Attorney in Winter Park?

What Questions Should I Ask When I Meet With a Divorce Attorney in Winter Park?

What Questions Should I Ask When I Meet With a Divorce Attorney in Winter Park?

Divorce is never friendly, and selecting a divorce lawyer could be stressful. Since there are lots of practicing lawyers, it is necessary to make sure you hire a skill and knowledgeable lawyer for your divorce. You should know that there are various lawyers with expertise in different areas. That an attorney was very competent in handling a friend’s divorce case doesn’t mean he/she would be the right one for you.

Since divorce cases are usually complicated, you need an attorney who is pretty experienced in this. Hence, how can you select the right attorney to handle your divorce case? With this in mind, the following are questions you should consider asking your divorce attorney.

What is Your Experience Practicing Family Law in Winter Park?

You should ensure that you work with an experienced divorce attorney to handle your divorce case. Hence, you might want to know about the experience of your divorce attorney before formal hiring. If you are concerned about certain aspects of your divorce, such as a complex property division, be sure to ask how the lawyer has dealt with such cases with facts similar to yours.

How Long Have You Been Handling Divorce Cases?

Besides knowing how long the attorney you have been practicing, you should also try to find out specific divorce cases. Although the length of years the divorce attorney has been practicing might not indicate the level of skill, it can give you insights into how well your divorce attorney will handle your case.

How often do You Take Cases to Trial?

Although some couples might benefit from not going to court, it is important to know your attorney can do so if required. With this in mind, you should ensure you work with a divorce attorney who is experienced handling both contested and uncontested divorce cases. It can help you reach an agreement that will work for both sides.

Is it Possible to Negotiate a Property Settlement to Avoid Taking My Divorce to Court?

If your divorce case is straightforward, but you and your spouse still cannot seem to reach an agreement about the division of properties, you should try and negotiate a property settlement. A skilled divorce attorney should be able to educate you on the pros and cons of a property settlement. Besides, the experience in handling such should be able to help immensely.

What is Your Experience Handling Emotionally Charged Divorce Cases?

In working with a divorce attorney in Winter Park for a contentious divorce case, you need to know that the lawyer is experienced in handling divorce cases filled with emotions. It is important to work with a divorce case that can ensure that you are treated fairly and also considers your need. At the same time, your divorce attorney should remain rational throughout the case.

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