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Understanding Florida’s Family Court System

Understanding Florida’s Family Court System

Understanding Florida’s Family Court System

Florida operates 20 judicial courts that are tied together under the state court system. If you are a resident of Altamonte Springs, Florida, then your case will be heard by a judge from the 18th Circuit Judicial Court. This court was formed by the state legislature in 1967. It hears a variety of family court cases. Understanding a little about the types of cases that this court hears helps you decide if our law firm is right for you because we only handle cases in family court.

Types of Cases Heard in Family Court

There are many benefits to the mediation process. Some of them are:

  • Adoption

    Over 5,000 children are waiting to be adopted in the state’s foster care system.

  • Annulment

    While Florida has no annulment law, the court system can find that a marriage was not legal in the first place.

  • Child in Need of Services/ Family in Need of Services

    After being assigned by the court, this program gives counseling and other services to children who are having a hard time.

  • Child Support

    Judges use guidance from Florida Statute 61.30 to determine the amount of child support that the higher earning parent should be getting.

  • Custodial Care of and Access to Children

    This part of the court system determines who the child will live with and how the non-custodial parent interacts with the child.

  • Declaratory judgment actions related to premarital, marital [marital], or post-marital agreements

    Prenuptials and other agreements affecting family structure are overseen by the family court system.

  • Dissolution of Marriage

    Better known as divorce, over 50,000 couples seek divorce in Florida annually.

  • Domestic violence

    Any form of domestic violence including stalking and dating violence is handled by the family court.

  • Emancipation of a minor

    Some teens do better on their own than at home for a variety of reasons.

  • Juvenile delinquency

    Most cases of juvenile delinquency end up in family court. Juvenile dependency is also heard here as are cases of truancy.

  • Paternity

    The legal establishment of someone’s father often through DNA.

  • Proceedings for Concurrent Custody of Minor Children

    The court can award one of a child’s parents and the grandparent's custody at the same time.

  • Support Unconnected with Dissolution of Marriage

    This law is often referred to as Florida’s separation law because it allows people to seek child support or alimony without getting a divorce.

  • Termination of parental rights

    Sometimes a parent’s rights must be terminated.

Going into family court can be a scary experience. That is why it is necessary to have an experienced lawyer at your side. The Frank Family Law team desires to help you prepare for your case. This family law practice in Altamonte Springs, Florida, has the experience that you can trust to handle even the most complex cases. They understand how unpredictable the court system can be, so this family law practice in Altamonte Springs hopes to resolve all cases before they end up in court. Contact them today at (407)629-2208.