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The things you cannot include in a prenuptial agreement

The things you cannot include in a prenuptial agreement

The things you cannot include in a prenuptial agreement

Contracts are not only limited to businesses. Sometimes, marriages also require contracts for certain occurrences in the marriage. In other words, these contracts define what happens in a marriage when something else happens. More accurately put, this contract is known as a prenuptial agreement, also called “prenup.” It is a contract put in place by two people which they must agree on before getting married. If you are getting married in Orlando and you need a prenuptial agreement drawn out for you, you can get in touch with a family law practice in Orlando such as Frank Family Law.

A standard prenuptial agreement has its content, and it will accommodate most of the things that you and your spouse would like to include in it, but some things cannot be in the agreement because of some regulations. Below are some of them;

1. Any condition that encourages divorce

Over time, a lot of couples have signed prenuptial agreements with the intention to end the marriage at any time. So, they usually include some things in the agreement that may encourage them to go through with a divorce. For this reason, courts scrutinize agreements to make sure they do not encourage divorce.

2. Childcare

If a marriage ends up in a divorce, the judge will decide on what happens to the children regarding child support, visitation and child custody.

3. Personal issues

Personal issues cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement. Issues that can only be settled between a couple are not to be taken to court for settling. Some of the issues include choosing a holiday destination, the division of household chores, complaints of each other’s bad habits, etc. These issues cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement.

4. Legality

A prenuptial agreement must be within the confines of the law. It cannot contain illegal issues such as sharing earnings from fraudulent businesses.

If your wedding date is close, make sure you work with a family law practice in Orlando for the preparation of your prenuptial agreement. Ideally, a prenuptial is not a requirement for the success of marriage nor should it be a document that you always have to worry about through the course of your marriage. It only exists as a form of protection for you and your spouse so that you both can keep what was yours before the marriage.

It is very important that you know what legal steps to take if you decide to use a prenuptial agreement. Seek the services of a family law practice in Orlando to draft an agreement that will hold in court. Frank Family will make sure this is done correctly and filed before the wedding. For more information about prenuptial agreements or if you would like to schedule a consultation session with one of our experts in family law practice in Orlando, call us today.