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The Advantages of Settling Your Divorce Through Mediation

The Advantages of Settling Your Divorce Through Mediation

The Advantages of Settling Your Divorce Through Mediation

If you and your spouse have decided that it is time to get a divorce, then mediation may be the perfect answer. There are many reasons that you may want to suggest this process to your spouse, and there are many reasons to agree if they recommend the idea first. Here are some advantages of settling your divorce through mediation.  

The Process

The divorce mediation process is a simple one that has been used to settle disputes for eons. The two spouses will meet with a trained mediator who will help them decide how to divide property between them along with determining how to handle liabilities. The mediator will also assist you in developing a parenting plan. The mediator can also help you determine if one party deserves alimony and the conditions for receiving it. While you and your spouse may argue when trying to talk about these things in private, the mediator’s training and skill usually help things go very smoothly.  

Mediation Protects Your Children

One of the most significant advantages of divorce mediation is that it protects your children. Since you and your spouse know your children better than anyone else, you are in the best position to determine what happens to them after the divorce becomes final. It also protects your children from possibly having to testify against one parent or the other.  

Mediation Creates Peace

Many times, when lawyers get involved in divorce cases, one spouse or the other starts to balk and not want to agree on anything. Then, the divorce proceeding drags out for a long time. When a couple chooses to mediate their divorce, the mediator helps the couple arrive at decisions that work for everyone. Often, the mediator can spot the real issue or come up with novel ways to solve problems that the couple had not come up with on their own.  

Mediation Takes Less Time

By the time that a couple ends up seeking a divorce, both parties usually want the divorce to be final. Mediation takes less time than going through the court system. Most mediated divorce cases are finalized within 90 days, while the average divorce case often drags on in court for more than a year.  

Mediation is More Cost-Effective

A spouse who insists on hiring their lawyer to battle the other spouse in court during a divorce can expect to pay over $10,000. Even if you want it to be over with, if your spouse does not agree, then you may still have to pay fees to defend yourself. Instead, mediation is a much cheaper process because you both hire the same person to work with you throughout the process.  

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