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Five Signs You May Be a Victim of Domestic Abuse

Five Signs You May Be a Victim of Domestic Abuse

Five Signs You May Be a Victim of Domestic Abuse

Are you in a relationship that makes you feel weak, unsafe, or insecure?  Are you being physically or sexually abused by your partner?  You are likely a victim of domestic violence.  When you are in this situation, you are likely scared and question how you can get out safely.  Trust our team of lawyers at our family law practice in Winter Park to help and protect you.  If you are unsure of whether you are in an abusive relationship, look for any of these five signs in the way your partner treats you.

Your Partner Bullies You

This can look different for any relationship.  You could be a victim of bullying, which is a form of domestic abuse, if your partner:
•    Threatens you
•    Criticizes you, your behaviors, or your appearance
•    Yells at you or belittles you
•    Throws things at you or breaks things
•    Accuses you of things you don't do
•    Blames you for their actions

Your Partner Isolates You

When you begin to feel as though your partner is taking away your family and friends, you might be starting to see signs of domestic violence.  Look for:
•    Constant questioning of your whereabouts
•    Tells you what you can and cannot do
•    Makes you ask permission to go places
•    Embarrasses you in social situations

Your Partner Controls Your Finances

Has your partner withheld money from you?  Does he/she tell you what you can and cannot buy?  You may be a victim of domestic violence if your partner:
•    Controls your credit cards and bank statements
•    Gives you a fixed allowance
•    Controls where and when you work
•    Steals money from you
•    Deprives you of basic necessities or essential purchases

Your Partner Physically Abuses You

Feeling unsafe in your own home or with your partner is typically a red flag for domestic violence.  You need to be concerned if your partner:
•    Leaves you in random places
•    Attacks you with his/her strength or with the use of weapons
•    Leaves you locked in or outside of the house
•    Prevents you from getting medical care, eating nutrients, or sleeping
•    Puts their hands on you in a dangerous way, like hitting, punching, slapping, or kicking

Your Partner Sexually Abuses You

Sexual abuse can be the most difficult to admit.  Do not be embarrassed to discuss your sexual abuse, because it is the first step to getting the help you need.  You need to ask for help if your partner:
•    Forces you to have sex
•    Knowingly gives you an STD
•    Makes you dress scandalously for their own benefit
•    Guilts you into having sex
•    Refuses to use protection or birth control

If you are suffering from any of these scenarios, you are likely a victim of a domestic abuse.  Your partner's actions towards you are wrongful, and you deserve to fight back and feel safer.  As a family law practice in Winter Park, our team of lawyers can help to keep you safe and make sure you are legally protected.  Contact us today to hear about how we can help you.