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Wrong perceptions of Domestic Violence That Many People Hold

Wrong perceptions of Domestic Violence That Many People Hold

Wrong perceptions of Domestic Violence That Many People Hold

Frank Family Law, a Family Law Practice in Winter Park helps deal with a lot of family issues that people are familiar with. What a lot of people don't know is Frank Family Law Practice in Winter Park takes seriously, issues of domestic violence. According to statistics released by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, In the United States, every minute, twenty people are subjected to domestic violence. This amounts to about 10 million women annually. Domestic violence is broad, and it includes assaults, both physically and sexually by an intimate/romantic partner. Domestic violence. Different statistics have been released on domestic violence, and experts think the statistical figures don't do appropriate justice to the real number of people who suffer from domestic violence.

One twist about domestic violence is that the people suffering from it tend to stay in that relationship and do not take the step of reporting. This is so due to some reasons such as fear of not being believed, fear of retaliation from their partners, fear of shame. However, a lot of other people have certain misconceptions about domestic violence which makes them poor judges of this situation. Being aware of these perceptions, albeit wrong, can help you identify this situation and help if possible.

1. There are people who are destined to suffer domestic violence, "I can't be one of them."

In some cases, abusers show the tendency of violence at the beginning of the relationship, but in most cases, they don't. Often, they only show this side of them at a point when the relationship has gone on for too long, and it has become too hard to call it quits. The truth is, nobody chooses this life; it happens.

2. Anybody who suffers abuse is at fault.

In every case, an abuser chooses to do what they want to do. The victim of domestic violence should never be blamed for the abuse they are suffering. Their abusive partner is entirely responsible for the abuse.

3. Why not just leave? It is simple.

Anybody experiencing domestic violence in their relationship and is not doing anything about it has a reason. It could be a personal resolution never to walk out of a marriage; it could be a religious reason as some religions do not condone divorce. Some women with kids have a fear of not having anywhere to go, and in most cases, they are dependent on their abusive partner.

4. My partner abuses me once in a while

There is nothing once in a while about domestic violence. An abuser is an abuser, and they choose to be whatever they want to be whenever they want.

5. Once you're in an abusive relationship, you cannot leave.

Leaving an abusive can be hard truly, but there are a lot of ways to seek help. This is what Frank Family Law Practice in Winter Park exists for. We are dedicated to rescuing you from your abusive relationship. As a victim of domestic violence, you may not understand why it has to be so, but you should not make excuses for your partner either. Find a way out, seek help for your sake and everyone who loves you. Frank Family law practice in Winter Park will help you. Get in touch today by calling 407 629 2208 or send an email for a free consultation.