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What Impact Does Losing Your Job Have On Child Support

What Impact Does Losing Your Job Have On Child Support

What Impact Does Losing Your Job Have On Child Support

Calculating child support is done based on the income you make and being able to pay for child support depends on your continued employment. But sometimes, things happen that you don't expect and losing a job is one of those things, what then do you do? Does your child support payment disappear? Do you ignore because you may be unable to keep up with the payments? The answer to these questions is "No." ignoring your child support would be a wrong decision as your payments will go into arrears, and you might get arrested for that. Remember, the courts have no idea you do not have a job?

This level of dishonesty happens a lot, and this article is only meant to disclose these acts and not to encourage them. As a reputable family practice law in Winter Park, it is our job to spot things like these and bring them to the attention of our clients and the court.

If you suddenly find yourself out of a job and you find it hard to meet up with your child support payment, the first thing to do is get in touch with your attorney. With a reputable family law practice in Winter Park, you can get your child support payment or payment schedule modified. It is crucial that you get your attorney involved early enough to avoid any legal implications.

What are your Options?

Permanent or Temporary Modification?

If you are working on modifying the terms of your child support order, you can reach an agreement with your ex-spouse to present a written agreement to a judge. If you both cannot reach an agreement to modify the terms, you can proceed to court and have a hearing where you will present your evidence of unemployment and proposed modification terms. You must also disclose what led to the loss of your job, how much you are pulling in currently and what you are doing to get another job.

You have two options when it comes to child support modification; permanent or temporary. In the case of losing your job, your child support modification will be temporary as you are expected to start looking for another job and when you do, pick up from where you left off.

It is possible not to be granted modification

Losing your job when you have child support payments to make is not a guarantee that you will have your payments or payment schedule modified. This is because you can pay your child support even though you are unemployed. So, if you lose your job, don't stop paying with the hopes that your payments will be modified. Child support payment modification must be done in the court where the child support was ordered, and your ex-spouse will receive the modification papers. There will then be a hearing afterward.

Becoming unemployed suddenly can throw anyone off-track and cause undue stress. When you factor in your child support obligations, it can make life itself stressful and frustrating. This is why you must have an attorney on your side, an experienced attorney in family law practice in Winter Park.

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