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Tips on Establishing Paternity in Winter Park

Tips on Establishing Paternity in Winter Park

Tips on Establishing Paternity in Winter Park

When two unmarried people have a child or children, and a dispute arises as to who owns the child or children, this is called a paternity case. Paternity issue is an important aspect of the Family Law in Florida. For instance, Chapter 742 of Florida’s Statute focuses on determining paternity. The Chapter requires that any woman who has a child (or is pregnant) and any man who has concrete reason to believe that he is the father of the said child, or any child, may bring a claim to the circuit court, in chancery, to ascertain the paternity of the child (or children) when paternity has not been established by law or otherwise.

Why you should establish paternity

Under family law practice in Winter Park, it is important for someone to establish paternity for the following reasons:

  • In a situation where one parent is denying, controlling or dictating contact with the child in question
  • When child support is not being complied with
  • One of the parents want to relocate with or without the child
  • Lack of agreement among the parents on whom should provide health insurance for the child
  • There is no agreement among the parents on who should claim the child as their tax dependent.

From the above, it is clear that the whole essence of establishing paternity has to do with the parents not agreeing on the general welfare of the child. Even where the parents agree on most or some issues, it is still advisable that the parties establish paternity via the courts. They should be able to spell out the terms they’ve agreed upon—a process that reflect the true spirit of family law practice in Winter Park.

Establishing paternity in Winter Park is something that the father especially is concerned about. While Florida’s Statutes 744.301 recognizes the mother as the child’s natural guardian, the father would want to prove his rights. He needs to establish his parental rights and protect himself from the mother, most especially in a situation where the mother is trying to relocate with the child without his consent.

Be proactive

You have to act very fast now, rather than be on the defensive later on. So many times have we seen cases of parents who wait until something is going on and rushed to secure a “fire brigade solution” rather than just approach it from the beginning.

There is only one way you and one place that you can find help to arrest the situation before it gets out of hand. That place is Frank Family Law firm operating the best family law practice in Winter Park.

How our family law attorneys can help you in Winter Park

Frank Family Law is a reliable family law practice in Winter Park with years of experience in different types of paternity cases. Frank Family Law attorneys has been of great help in assisting parents establish their rights and responsibilities to their children. At Frank Family Law Firm, we recognize the importance of a parent’s right to stay involved in their children’s lives.

Our ultimate goal is to give the best family law practice in Winter Park that will assist fathers and mothers to secure a favorable custody, support and time-sharing. We always ensure that your paternity case is handled with utmost good faith and professionalism.