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Tips for a viable Post Marital Agreement

Tips for a viable Post Marital Agreement

Tips for a viable Post Marital Agreement

A Post Marital agreement is an agreement signed by both spouses during a marriage that alters or amends the rights and responsibilities of each spouse to the other, which is in contrast to a Pre-Marital agreement that is signed before the marriage.

This agreement seeks to identify and recognize the interests of each spouse as to the marital affair, whereby each spouse signifies what and what not is expected from the marriage. Due to the peculiar nature of the agreement, it must be handled properly by a reputable Family Law Practice in Orlando for it to be viable and enforceable by law.

Below are the tips to a viable Post Marital agreement:

Having a vision

This is very important in creating a viable Post Marital agreement. Many couples do rush into drafting a Post Marital agreement without thinking deeply about the effect and future implications of the agreement. For it to be viable and to avoid chaos in the future, you must have a vision of your Post Marital agreement. What do I really want? Where will I live in the future? How would my life be? Will this condition have a future implication? What laws support the viability if this agreement? and so on, are all questions that must be asked before entering into an agreement.

You must also focus on the intent of your Post Marital agreement, what you hope to achieve with the agreement, before entering into one. Above all, be tactical and proactive in your actions to enable you procure a viable Post Marital agreement. To help you realize a clear vision, consult a Family Law Practice in Orlando.

Hiring an independent and qualified Counsel

To ensure your interest and rights are well protected, you should hire an independent counsel from that of your spouse. Hiring a joint Counsel may hinder the viability of the agreement, as a dispute may be raised later by you or your spouse on discovering something that is not satisfactory.

An independent Counsel will protect your interests and rights as well as decide in your best interest. A qualified Counsel should be hired to ensure a smooth process. Ask the real questions like, Are you a Family Law Practice in Orlando? How many years of Practice do you have? This is to ensure that a viable agreement is drafted. Don't forget that law varies with jurisdiction.

Make the process simple

Many Post Marital agreements have been nullified in court as a result of the bulky process resulting in a gap that allowed for the non-occurrence of "meeting of the minds". A court can rule based on "meeting of the minds" not occurring, meaning the couple were not in agreement when a particular Post Marital agreement was signed. To avoid this, it is advisable to draft the agreement once and not several times, hence, complicating the process. Discuss thoroughly with your Counsel and ensure that all your interests and rights are protected before entering into an agreement with your spouse and vice versa.

Post Marital agreement can be done properly without any hassle, if the right Family Law Practice in Orlando handles it. Frank Law Practice is a reputable and experienced Family Law Practice in Orlando and can handle your Post Marital agreement dutifully without issues. Call us or send an email today for a free consultation.