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Reconciliation Contracts — Alternative to separation and divorce?

Reconciliation Contracts — Alternative to separation and divorce?

Reconciliation Contracts — Alternative to separation and divorce?

When therapy, mediation and dialogue all seem to fail, the next steps in most marriages is to move for a separation or divorce. While Divorces often does the job of separating spouses, it is not without its consequences.

In most cases, couples usually go through a frenzy of drama that they will rather not have. Even more profound is the effect of divorce in marriages that feature high-asset clients and popular personalities. Although not very popular, a means of coordinating marital affairs lies in Reconciliation contacts.

What are Reconciliation contracts?

Reconciliation contracts are post-nuptial agreements that avail couples of a means of putting their marriage back where it should be. Although the arrangement generally focuses on reconciliation, the advantage is that it allows couples prescribe the terms of a split at the same time peradventure the reconciliation attempt falls through.

Reconciliation contracts are much more than paperwork documenting finances and who owns what should a split occur. Rather, the contract could be made to empower each spouse take a commitment, approach and behaviour, for instance, a reconciliation contract may include a clause where a partner with a drinking problem pledges to seek up and stop drinking or where a partner promises to compromise and spend more time taking care of the kids.

The beauty lies in the fact that the contract opens a way for couples who are still in love to try again while providing practical details of the split to be agreed upon to suit both parties.

What benefits does this bring?

The advantages of these contracts can be immeasurable. There is hardly a way to quantify something that allows the involved parties to have a fresh start and feel more secure emotionally, personally and financial. Reconciliation contracts can tackle the grievances of the marriage and protect each party from the pleasantries and unknowns of the divorce process that may yet come afterwards.

When should I consider a Reconciliation contract in my dispute?

There is no fixed time to go in for a reconciliation contract. In this case, the input is strongly dependent on the attitude of the couples and their willingness to try again. For some people, the reconciliation contract may come in during a divorce when the involved parties decide to try again. It may even be the resolution of a formal mediation put in writing and can be used when couples who have separated before decide to get back together in view of promises to change from both or either party. If you have such intentions, speak to your family law practice lawyers in Orlando to help you get started.

In the instances of reconciliation contracts, the emotional connection and resolve of the involved parties is very important.

When considering the downside of divorce on assets, children and personal feelings, a resolution contract is one of the best ways to go to help begin a retry process without losing any significant time as the contract makes provision for the separation either way. On matters such as these, strong legal advice should be sought from professional Family law practices in Orlando to do what’s best for you and your family.