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Reasons why victims of domestic violence must be protected in the digital age

Reasons why victims of domestic violence must be protected in the digital age

Reasons why victims of domestic violence must be protected in the digital age

There is so much good that can be done with digital technology but, technology also does a lot of harm to people such as victims of domestic violence. There are lots of crimes and atrocities that can be committed with digital technology, but the world’s attention is focused mainly on crimes like fraud, hacking, cyberbullying and hacking. Not many people pay much attention to technology-driven sexual assault and violence where people carry out sexual assault and abuse or share sexual images of another person without their consent.

Digital technology-driven domestic violence includes online harassment of a partner sexually, controlling the social media of a partner, revenge porn, monitoring a person’s activity without their knowledge, and mandating a partner to always be with their phone to respond to texts and calls instantly. Abusers, with their cell phones, can gain access through which they can track down their victims, monitor and watch them. The wide misconception is that digital domestic violence is much lesser evil than the physical one that we are all familiar with. However, they should all be treated the same way as online abuse has driven a lot of people to make unfortunate decisions to escape the abuse.

Supporting Victims of Digital Domestic Abuse

Many victims of domestic abuse do not bother to seek help from the right places such as support centers, websites or hotlines because most of them are not conscious of the fact that they are victims of abuse. Some of the others that are aware are scared to ask for help while some do not even know that they can seek for help. For anyone going through digital abuse, there are resources and websites to seek help such as The National Domestic Abuse Hotline and  Love is Respect. Getting a family law practice in Altamonte Springs to take up the case also helps, and this is what we do at Frank Family Law.

In some states, bills are being put in place to protect and help victims of digital abuse. For instance, some individuals who are tied to a family plan can only access their own phone’s wireless account without anybody else having access to it. These wireless accounts can contain sensitive information which should not get into the hands of a potential abuser.

The best way to help people going through digital domestic violence is to get in touch with one of our domestic violence lawyers at Frank Family Law, a family law practice in Altamonte Springs. We can help you file a domestic violence injunction petition and also work with you to keep you safe. Put a call through to us today by calling 407 629 2208.