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Is it possible to modify child custody in Orlando?

Is it possible to modify child custody in Orlando?

Is it possible to modify child custody in Orlando?

When speaking to a family law practice in Orlando, there is one major thing unknown to most people who have legally battled for child custody that eventually comes to light. It is that the decision reached by the court is not always permanent. However, such fact is unknown to so many people. Typically, in a case of child custody, the court will always seek to give the child the scenario that suits their best interest as at the time.

However, when circumstances and situations changes, the court, the parents, as well as the child, may conclude that the custody arrangement reached by the court is no longer working in their interest. As such, they may apply to the court by way of petition to modify or change the child custody agreement.

Factors that will cause the court to change or alter a custody agreement

If the child’s parents can agree and worked out an agreement without recourse to the court, it would be fine. However, a lot of cases have shown that coming to a full agreement in every aspect of the subject matter is always impossible. Against this backdrop, the court will agree to hear the case and determine if it can reasonably be proved that there has been a substantial change in circumstances or situations since the original child custody arrangement was enacted.

Furthermore, this change must by principle have to do with a situation or circumstances neither parents nor the court has foreseen or noted in the original child custody arrangement.

Changes that can apply to a change of child custody order

Below are some of the changes the court may apply in line with the petition put forward by the parent(s) concerning the original custody order:

  • Relocation of one parent from one state to another
  • Place of domicile or current living situation of the child places him or her in danger
  • Necessity to bring the child up in a traditional setting
  • Critical changes in the level of income of one parent
  • One parent denied visitation right by another parent.

The most vital reason that will prompt the court to consider changes to a child’s custody order lies in the stability of the home where the child dwells. How stable is the home, and how significant would the change affect the child? These are the considerations the court would have in mind when making a decision. Typically, it is not possible to change or alter a child custody agreement just because one spouse feels unhappy about it. Come and understand the concept of family law practice in Orlando.

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