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How to ensure domestic violence accusations do not affect divorce proceedings

How to ensure domestic violence accusations do not affect divorce proceedings

How to ensure domestic violence accusations do not affect divorce proceedings

Domestic violence is one prevalent issue that we have in the world today that we must not ignore. It is so important that the victims of domestic violence need to receive extra care once they get out of that situation. And of course, while there is ready-made public sympathy for domestic violence victims or anybody who claims to have been abused, we also need to be aware that there are fake accusations of domestic violence. According to statistics put out by Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE), every year, nothing less than 700 people get arrested wrongfully for domestic violence. And should it happen that the accused is convicted or found guilty even though they are innocent, it may change their entire life as they might lose their job, lose the trust of a lot of close associates and relatives, get jailed or fined heavily.

However, in a case where the accused gets discharged and acquitted, the system will not charge the false accuser to court publicly. This is because they want victims to be confident enough to come forward with their domestic violence claims. This is why you should contact a family law practice in Winter Park with experience in domestic violence law to handle your case if you ever get charged with domestic violence.

Steps to take if you get accused falsely.

During your divorce proceeding, if your spouse claims that you abused them, below are the steps you should take;

  • Get strong legal representation.

    For all the legal guidance and assistance that you may need from being wrongfully convicted, consult with a family law practice in Winter Park. This will better your chances are of handling the case.

  • Know the laws in Orlando

    Research what is considered domestic violence in Orlando and work with your attorney so you will be more successful in court.

  • Have some evidence with you.

    Getting evidence will go a long way in proving your innocence. Evidence such as video and audio recordings, emails and texts. If you have proof of where your spouse threatened to accuse you of abuse, present it to the court so their accusations can be thrown out.

  • Have witnesses

    Try and get some witnesses to testify in court such as your neighbors or relatives. You can also find an alibi for where you were on the day of the alleged abuse. These may help you discredit your spouse’s claims.

It is not easy to fight allegations of domestic violence on your own, and this is why you have to hire an experienced divorce attorney from a family law practice in Winter Park to assist you. At Frank Family Law, we can help with your defense and get you through your domestic violence case. To schedule an appointment, put a call through to us today on 407 629 2208.