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How to create the ideal Parenting Schedule for divorced parents?

How to create the ideal Parenting Schedule for divorced parents?

How to create the ideal Parenting Schedule for divorced parents?

With the years of experience that we have in Family law practice in Winter Park, couples who are working on figuring out how to share time spent with their children between them usually have one question, "What parenting or visitation plan would you advise us to adopt?"

In the past, in divorce cases, most Family Court Judges ordered a "Standard Visitation" plan for couples to follow but these days this is not the case anymore. Most cases get resolved through mediation and couples can now design their visitation schedules tailored to fit their schedules and needs. For instance, if one of the parents does not take a particular holiday very seriously, the other parent can have the child during such holiday. The idea is to make sure both parents are comfortable with the times that their child will not be with each of them.

It is recommended that every couple going through divorce should work with a firm that engages in Family law practice in Winter Park such as Frank Family Law to help them perfect this phase. At Frank Family Law, here are some tips to help couples create a parenting plan that will work for their family.

1. The parents' work schedules

When designing a parenting or visitation schedule calendar, it is important that the work schedules of both parents are put into consideration. If one parent works mostly during weekends, it will make more sense to schedule visitation to the other parent on weekends. Visitation will be pointless if the child/children will spend the whole time with babysitters. So, factor in when you both will be free and schedule the visiting to those periods. This will help achieve that parent-bonding goal intended to achieve with visitation.

2. How far each parent lives from the child's school

It is easier for the child to visit both parents during school week if they live close to the child's school. But if one lives closer than the other, it could be stressful for the child to always spend more time traveling to school from the other parent's home. This should also be considered.

3. School activities and calendar

Depending on the calendar of the child's school or the kind of school and after-school activities the child chooses to engage in, the parents should consider them when creating a schedule for visitation. The child should be given enough space to do whatever he/she chooses to engage in, and the parents should only bother with whatever way they can be involved.

4. Holiday Traditions

To some people, some holidays are not holidays. So also, will some holidays not mean so much to some parents. If you are not so big on certain holidays, why not let your child go and spend the holiday with the other parent?

In divorce issues, seeking the help of a family law practice in winter park can help sort out the special issues such as visitation, parenting schedules, and child custody. You can check out Frank Family Law by visiting the website or call 407 629 2208.