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4 Myths and Truths Concerning Men’s Rights in Divorce

4 Myths and Truths Concerning Men’s Rights in Divorce

4 Myths and Truths Concerning Men’s Rights in Divorce

Securing a divorce is not only stressful to some couples; it can also be confusing and frustrating to some people. Are you going through custody or divorce battle? Take note you might come across a lot of conflicting and confusing information about the subject.

According to some opinion, it is good to deny visitation when the mother automatically gets primary custody or when you are late for a child support payment. There are some myths about the subject of divorce, which makes it necessary to retain the legal services of Frank’s Family Law Practice in Orlando. Lawyers like Jennifer Frank is here to help you with some truths and clear the myths clouding men’s right in a divorce.

4 truths and myths surrounding men’s rights in Family Law Practice in Orlando

  1. That you can lose visitation for failure to pay for child support

    It is popularly believed that if you fail to meet up payment for child support, the mother has the right to block you from visiting the child. The myth suggests that your right to visit the child is dependent on your ability to pay for the child support. But in reality, this is not true. The courts view child support and visitation as two different things. The only way the mother of the child can block your visitation right is to go to court again. To learn more about this, contact your Jennifer Frank at Frank Family Law Practice in Orlando.

  2. That when you commit adultery you, lose everything

    In most jurisdictions, marriage is treated an economic partnership, which is dissolved by divorce. Most of this jurisdiction view and treat adultery as lousy conduct that falls outside the purview of the partnership. And when a decision is to be taken in splitting the marital estates, such bad conduct (adultery) isn’t taking into consideration. It is only a transfer of marital estate inherent in the adulterous relationship creates a ground for the matter to appear in the case.

  3. That you reserved the right to block or deny your spouse a divorce

    Before the “no-fault” divorce came into being, a spouse has the legal right to prevent or deny the other spouse the dissolution of the marital relationship, fabricating ingenious ways to ensure the relationship stays intact, most especially on the excuse of money. It was in 1970 that the state of California stripped that power away and gave every spouse the freedom to leave any marriage without blaming or assigning fault. With the current rule, a spouse can only stall the divorce process but cannot block it. In a marriage, abuse may sometimes be discussed as a rapid resolution, and Frank Family Law Practice in Orlando have undertaken lots of domestic violence cases that borne out innocence in many situations.

  4. That the mother will always be in custody and you will always lose out

    While it is a fact that most divorce cases (over 90%) end up with the mother taking custody and the father task of paying child support, it doesn’t make the outcome automatic. The truth is that a plethora of those cases end up in the arrangement they are as a result of an agreement between the couple. The law does not automatically give custody to the mother. You reserve the right to fight for custody if, in your best judgment, you feel is in the best interest of your children.

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Our divorce attorneys in Orlando are aware that a divorce proceeding is one of the most difficult and emotional challenges a man can face. That is why we are very concerned and committed to helping you overcome all the huddles, whether you are facing an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce. At Frank’s Family Law Practice in Orlando, we treat your case with utmost good faith, giving you sound advice and ensuring protecting you right as a father.

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