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5 Things Not to Do on Social Media during Divorce

5 Things Not to Do on Social Media during Divorce

5 Things Not to Do on Social Media during Divorce

We live in the digital age and a good number of us have taken solace in making social media a second world. While social media is a fun place to share things; where people share things going on with them, good or bad; it remains a platform that must be used with caution, especially if you are going through a divorce. There are certain types of posts you should not make on social media if you are going through a divorce that has not been finalized and involves child custody. A family law practice in Orlando will give you a list of the things you should and shouldn’t do on social media during your divorce. These six things will definitely be among the things you shouldn’t do.

1. You can go to parties but DON’T post pictures of yourself while partying.

Life goes on even though you are going through a divorce. No law prohibits you from living your life or enjoying yourself. But while at it, be careful of the type of situations you put yourself in. If you must go to parties and if you will be engaged in extreme activities such as smoking, drinking, flirtatious behavior, make sure you are not caught on camera. If you are in a custody battle with your spouse, they can use pictures like these against you to declare you as an unfit or uncommitted parent.

2. Remove yourself out of unsolicited tags and check-ins.

If your friends are going to a bar, strip club or anywhere else and they take pictures, make sure you let them know not to tag you in any of the pictures. You need to let them understand why you want this. Your spouse can use this against you in the child custody hearings.

3. Don’t show off money or expensive shopping.

This is an important advice to listen to if you are seeking financial support in the divorce or for child custody. This can suggest that you make more money than you reported and can get in the way of things with your spousal support or child support. It can even cause your spouse to make an inquiry into your financial disclosure so as to be sure you are being honest.

4. Don’t check the activities of your ex on social media.

If you find it hard to move on, try your best not to show it and by all means, don’t go about following all of your ex’s social media activities. They can accuse you of stalking even if that is not what you are doing. Behaviors like this can affect your divorce settlement case.

5. Don’t be quick to hare images of your new lover

If you are able to move on quickly, good for you. But don’t be quick to show off how quickly you are able to get your life back on track with someone else. This might get your ex angry and they can make the divorce settlement a more difficult process. Just keep it to yourself and work with a family law practice in Orlando through your divorce proceedings. In the same vein, do not post malicious things about your ex-spouse on social media. Even if they are not active, they will find out somehow.

Divorce is never easy and if you are going through one and you need help, a family law practice in Orlando can give you all the help that you need. Contact Frank Family Law on 407 629 2208.