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Does Your Child Need Divorce Therapy?

Does Your Child Need Divorce Therapy?

Does Your Child Need Divorce Therapy?

Divorce is a tough process, and it takes its toll on not only the couple but their children as well. As a family law practice in Orlando with enough experience, we have seen firsthand, divorce happening in seemingly solid marriages. Now, imagine a healthy, happy marriage that suddenly took a nosedive, what effects do you think that will have on the children? Your guess is right; it cannot be easy on the children.

There are so many things attached to divorce, and the most important is the custody of the children. Each parent will feel they should keep the children, but this is entirely up to the judge presiding the case. So many factors will be used to decide which of the parents get to keep custody of the child, but overall, the best interests of the child must be put first. Divorce can be stressful, and you don't want your child to be caught in such quagmire

Through our experience as a family law practice in Orlando, we have seen divorce situations where the children coped with the support of the family while in some other cases, the children had to get professional care for them to get over the divorce healthily. So, it is essential that the moment parents decide to go for a divorce, they should also factor in the emotional and mental health of their child/children. Some parents think their children will do fine regardless of what happens, but this is not always the case. As a family practice law in Orlando, we suggest that couples should observe their children closely to know what they need during the process.

Below are some of the things to check to see if your child needs professional help.

  1. If your child shows certain emotions persistently for weeks, this is a sign that he/she needs professional help. Emotions such as crying when the topic of the divorce is brought up, or he/she has to go and spend time with the parent that caused the separation. If he/she continues to show these behaviors, then you should consider divorce therapy for him/her.
  2. If other people think something is wrong with your child and they always express their concerns, you should not take them for granted. Take up these concerns and deal with them immediately.
  3. If there is a lapse in your child's effective functioning after the divorce procedure, you should consider taking him/her for therapy. If your child used to be neat and he/she has suddenly become disorganized or has started having bad grades, the divorce might be taking its toll.
  4. If your child that used to eat healthily before suddenly becomes uninterested in food or hardly sleeps well anymore, you need to look into his/her health.
  5. Criminal behavior and tendencies – if your child takes to fighting, stealing, destroying things, you should not ignore. As an experienced family law practice in Orlando, we advise that you enroll him/her for therapy.

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