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Divorce Threats: what Should You Do?

Divorce Threats: what Should You Do?

Divorce Threats: what Should You Do?

Fights are inevitable in marriage and couples fight. But if during arguments or fights, one partner starts threatening the other with divorce then, there is a big problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. As stressful and demanding as marriage can be, nobody ever wants to go through the stress of divorce. When one partner keeps mentioning it whether casually or seriously, it is a red flag that must be nipped in the bud. If your spouse is threatening you with divorce, what should you do? Should you be worried? At what point do you involve a family law practice in Altamonte Springs?

Why are they threatening you with divorce?

You may never know exactly why your spouse is threatening you with divorce or why exactly they have chosen to use divorce of all things. Below are a few reasons why people threaten their partners with divorce during fights or arguments.

  • To have some leverage over you

    Everybody knows how threatening and messy divorce is, and no one wants to be one the receiving end of the divorce filing. If your partner is threatening you with divorce, they may be trying to find a way to have a hold over you and manipulate you to do what they want.

  • To win the argument

    Take, for example, you and your spouse are arguing over who ought to do something and then they suddenly bring up divorce saying you like arguing and they may end up filing for divorce. They just may be looking for a way to make you keep quiet.

  • To suppress their fear

    Your spouse probably thinks you might divorce them at some point and they are scared about it. They may threaten you with divorce since they feel you are thinking the same thing, or they want to see how you will respond.

  • To hurt you deliberately

    Your spouse might use this as a form of defense and hurt you deliberately. It is possible the argument has evoked some strong emotions in them, and they want to hurt you in return.

  • To file for divorce

    Of course, anybody who is thinking about filing for divorce will mention it at some point. Your partner might just be using the opportunity to do that.

How to respond to this threat?

When the argument has simmered, talk to your spouse to know what the threat was about and how it made you feel. Try and understand where exactly they are coming from so you can see where the marriage is headed. Consult with a divorce attorney at a family law practice in Altamonte Springs. If your spouse is serious about filing for a divorce, it is better for you to find out ways to deal with the situation. A divorce law attorney can help with that. You can call 407 629 2208 to schedule a consultation with an attorney at Frank Family Law, a family law practice in Altamonte Springs.