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Critical Questions to Ask Your Family Law Practice In Winter Park

Critical Questions to Ask Your Family Law Practice In Winter Park

Critical Questions to Ask Your Family Law Practice In Winter Park


Lawyers are not magicians, but the best will get you a good outcome, even in a worst-case scenario. And when it comes to divorce issues, you can’t afford to trade quality for glamour. The legal advice you will receive from your family lawyer in Winter Park is very critical to the outcome of your case. Your lawyer acts as your advocate, your negotiator, your adviser and your trusted guide who takes you through the rigorous process of divorce or any other legal issue that you have. Thus, it’s good that you feel comfortable with your choice.

Before hiring a lawyer from a family law practice in Winter Park, try to engage him/her in a face-to-face conversation or through the phone. It is your best shot at assessing the quality of the legal advice he/she would be giving to you.

Below are questions you can ask your family law practice in Orlando before signing a retainer with them.

Questions relating to experience and background

  • What level of experience do you have in handling divorce cases?
  • Which university did you attend and where did you go to law school?
  • Have you at any time handle cases relating to the one I'm having?
  • Which area of divorce are you specialized that’s relevant to my case?

Questions to ask relating to what the lawyer thinks about your case

  • What evaluation would you give to my case?
  • Practically, what kind of settlement should I expect?
  • Do you think we will have to face litigation in court?
  • What are some potential obstacles, circumstances or problems you think could delay or affect the positive outcome of my case?
  • What is the time frame for me to complete my divorce?

Questions relating to how your case would be managed and what fees you are expected to pay

  • How I’m I sure my case would be handled with due diligence?
  • Do you have all the time to handle my case?
  • What other divorce lawyers in Orlando or experts will be working on my case and what is their assignment?
  • What are your legal fees, and how frequent will you charge me and when should I be expected to pay?
  • Can you give me an approximate amount the entire divorce would cost?
  • Are there paralegals or fewer experience lawyers who could handle my case at a lower rate?
  • Should I be expecting any progress report? How frequently
  • Would be on the ground to personally handle my divorce negotiation?
  • How quickly should I expect a response from you?
  • Would you be the one I will have to contact frequently or your staff?

Questions to ask relating to the attorney’s style and philosophy of handling divorce cases

  • What are your style and work philosophy that governs your overall conduct divorce cases?
  • Will you be telling me most of the time what to do or provide suggestions and expect me to make a decision?
  • How best would you describe your personality as a divorce lawyer in Winter Park?

Final thought

When you are through with your meeting, take some time to ask the layer if there are any questions you have neglected to ask. You can also ask him/her if there is anything relevant that he wants to tell you.

Notwithstanding, hiring a divorce lawyer from a family law practice in Winter Park is a matter of personal decision. Our divorce lawyers at Frank Family Law are ready to answer all your questions. Just call us today and let’s get your case running.