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Collaborative Divorce: How it all works out

Collaborative Divorce: How it all works out

Collaborative Divorce: How it all works out

When a couple takes a step towards divorce, a vital question is, Collaborative divorce, how does it work out? Collaborative divorce, just as it implies occurs as a result of the couple getting a divorce being able to work out an agreement of divorce without going to a law court. Collaborative divorce involves agreement on child custody, property sharing, visitation schedules and all sorts that comes with divorce.

While many couples often tend to go to court to settle their divorce and allow the court decide who gets what, how and when, some simply have their respective attorneys draft a legal agreement on their divorce. This process may seem easy but it takes a good and qualified Family Law Practice in Winter Park to make it work.

How it all works out

Since collaborative divorce is an agreement made by the divorcing couple, it is a simple process once the couple can put their differences aside and reach a consensus. Each party getting the divorce would hire a separate attorney that is trained and qualified in Family Law Practice in Winter Park, to help with the legal process. Each spouse's attorney is responsible for advising and making decisions in the best interest of their respective clients.

You and your spouse will meet with your attorneys separately to discuss about your terms for the divorce and how to get it. Then, you set an agreed date to meet and discuss together. You, your spouse and your attorneys will come together once in a while during the course of the divorce process. This will enable you to decide together and reach an agreement.

If you are able to come to an agreement, you will then have to see a family court judge so as to get the agreement signed. With collaboration, you can keep your contact with the family judge brief and manageable. Once an agreement is reached on all matters, the legal part of the divorce is simple and uncontested. It is a procedure that doesn’t require a trial or litigious hearings on points of evidence and pretrial maneuvers such as interrogatories and disclosure, which comes with a divorce settlement at the court.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

  • Gives stability to your divorce situation
  • Makes exchange of information easy and voluntary
  • Simplifies and reduces costs of legal procedures associated with Divorce
  • Results in a divorce agreement that is suitable for each party
  • Handles all post-divorce issues

Collaborative divorce enables you to make a smooth transition with the divorce, saves time, money and effort and above all keeps your dignity intact throughout the divorce process. For this to work out successfully, a reputable Family Law Practice in Winter Park should handle it. Frank Family Law Practice is a reputable Family Law Practice in Winter Park, with qualified attorneys that are willing and capable of handling a collaborative divorce case. We are dedicated to the practice of Family Law and will protect your interest. We will help you make a resolution through our wealth of experience and reputable practice as a Family Law Practice in Winter Park. Contact us today for any case related to Family Law.