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Bringing Up the topic of Prenuptial Agreement

Bringing Up the topic of Prenuptial Agreement

Bringing Up the topic of Prenuptial Agreement

As much as marriage is a union borne out of love, an intertwining of families, lifestyle and all other things that make up the lives of different people, finance is one of the most Important aspects of marriage that must be discussed. A lot of unions have crashed because of money issues, and after the marriage has ended, the problem of money continues to exist. A lot of couples have no clear direction on how they will divide their money after a divorce, and this leads to a lot of problems. In cases like these, a family law practice in Altamonte Springs is needed to assist.

To avoid issues like these, we have seen a lot of marriages counting on prenuptial agreements to solve any money problems they might have in future. Even though, prenuptials used to be seen as being pessimistic about a marriage working out; we now see it as a norm and requirement these days. That's not to say it is easy to bring up the subject because it may give your future spouse the impression that all you are after is the money. So, what are the best ways to go about bringing this topic up?

1. Talk about it early in the relationship.

You should wait until the weekend before your wedding before talking about it. This type of contract should have been discussed before buying the engagement ring. You do not just wake up and bring up the topic a few days to your wedding. If your partner is not interested in signing contracts like this, you will have to figure out how to proceed. The reaction of your partner to the topic will let you know their thoughts and also how to broach issues like that before them.

2. Be ready for some tension.

Discussing a prenuptial agreement with your fiancé or fiancée is not fun, and it could very well bring up issues of trust and priorities in the relationship. There is no perfect time to bring it up, and you cannot predict how your partner will take the conversation. The best you can do is be honest and let your partner know why you want the agreement in place. Do not make the conversation one-sided; be open-minded about it.

3. Talk about how it benefits both of you.

After you have brought up the topic, do not forget to mention how the two of you will benefit from the agreement. Make it clear that as much as you do not intend for the marriage to break up, it is sensible to prepare for just about anything. With a prenuptial agreement in place, if a divorce happens, the spouse who earns less will be adequately taken care of. The reason for a prenuptial agreement is to make sure both parties have enough to live on if a divorce occurs.

4. Write the document together.

You don't go and bring your attorney with a prenuptial agreement document and give to your partner to sign. It is best for you two to get a neutral mediator when putting the document together. You can contact a reputable family law practice in Altamonte Springs to help with this. Having your partner present when writing the agreement gives both of you the chance to address your concerns.

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