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Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse

Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse

Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse

Marriage is not easy and requires a lot of work. After a lot of time and fights, it sometimes happens that the connection you feel with your spouse diminishes and even gets lost. Then it becomes easier to seek isolation instead of trying to make the relationship work. This sometimes leads to a separation and eventually divorce.

Marriage requires you to be resilient and find ways to always try to rekindle the spark that first led you to the altar. Reconnecting with your spouse can save you a trip to a family law practice in Winter Park. Most of these simple steps will cost you little money but plenty of time and a lot of effort. That feeling of romance can still be rediscovered to keep the marriage fresh at all times.

We have put together a list of easy, effective tips that will help you reconnect to your spouse today.

1. Make the simple things romantic

There’s no law that a certain day of the week should be your date night. You also do not need a special occasion to buy a gift. Find romance in the ordinary things, simple things like lighting some candles and ordering from your spouse’s favorite restaurant for takeout before they come back home from work. This is a great way to create a cozy environment where you can both relax and talk about your day and feel more connected.

2. Touch more

Small acts of intimacy like holding hands help to create a feeling of closeness. Physical contact should not be limited to sex or other kinds of extended closeness. Scientists have found out that the sense of touch helps to release key hormones like endorphins and serotonin which are responsible for the feeling of happiness. Try not to get too busy with everyday activities not to give room to reassure your partner every day. Try to hold their hands, hug them longer and let them feel your presence literally. These small gestures make the love get revived.

3. Make time for each other

We as humans like to make plans and postpone. Doing this often in a marriage can lead to a disconnect. Planning for date night and couple’s activities is futile if you will not remember to honor the time and arrangement. Make time for new things, make changes to your routine like dressing differently, eat at new places, try as much as possible to break with tradition and routine. With each new experience, you rekindle the lost love and make new memories.

4. Have a listening ear

Generally, human talk more than they listen. When you factor in the amount of time that we spend on social media, our cell phones and at work, today’s attention lifespan is quite low. When you are talking to your spouse, make the effort to actually hear what they are talking about and contribute positively. Not every conversation is a dialogue, sometimes they just want someone to listen to them narrate what they are thinking about or what is bothering them. Not only listen but also acknowledge your spouse that you are completely present. This does a lot to rebuild a lost connection between spouses.

5. Find common interests

Sharing things you both love to do helps spouses to get reconnected. Common interests bring people together as there is something to talk about and feel excited about. Finding and doing things together can create special memories that can re-ignite a failing marriage. Sometimes it is a place where you both like to vacation or a restaurant you both enjoy eating at and have sentimental ties to. These common interests are key to forming new habits and routines that will help couples stay grounded.

6. Be thankful and appreciative

One of the common reasons that most visitors to our family law practice in Winter Park give for why they want a divorce is that they feel unappreciated. After years of living together, it is sometimes easy to inadvertently take your spouse for granted and just expect that they do the things they do. That has got to stop. What you can do to prevent that feeling of being unimportant is to say simple things like “Thank you” more frequently. For breakfast of laundry, things that you have come to expect as the norm, say a thank you or write a little note to appreciate your spouse’s efforts. Where possible, buy surprise gifts or do something that they like for them. Before resorting to a family law practice in Winter Park to settle disputes, try to understand what your spouse needs and sometimes it is just reassurance and a little appreciation.

7. Go down Memory Lane.

One sure-fire way to reconnect with a partner is to go back to memories that are special to you both. Places or things of interest can be where the first date took place, favorite song or somewhere you celebrated important milestones. These locations and activities help to remind the couple of where their journey started from. Precious memories like things that happened during the first year of marriage are powerful vehicles that help to take your minds back to what it felt like to be in love.

Final words

Before you take the decision to have a divorce, there are many things you can do to give your marriage another shot. If these do not work, then you would need to speak to a family law practice in Winter Park on your options for getting a divorce processed as quickly as possible.

They will be able to advise you on how to go about it. Overall, except for when there is a complete breakdown of a marriage, there is usually hope that things can be salvaged without heading for a divorce court. Spouses should also not leave it too late before they begin to work hard at a happy marriage. The work towards living together happily in Marriage is a lot of both spouses have to contribute.