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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Divorce

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Divorce

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Divorce

There is a popular saying that is echoed into the ears of almost every newlywed; ‘There are only fairy-tale weddings, but no fairy-tale marriages’. Call the guy that came up with that quote a sadist but in all honesty, nothing could be closer to the truth.

Divorce is an increasingly damaging culprit in modern marriages as you can tell by the lines in front of most family law practices in Altamonte Springs, a so-easily sought solution to every challenge that arises as the good old foundations for a long-lasting marriage have been done away with. The need for a separation may arise for several reasons but the chief culprits are ego, wealth, communication, infidelity and physical abuses.

Some other factors like irresponsibility also plays a significant role, but it is mostly important to note that marriage is a learning process; a backroad that take some few virtues such as tolerance, understanding and respect to master. So, if you just rang the matrimony bells or you currently have a situation you don’t want to get out of hand because you obviously love your partner, here are a few things to do to try to avoid divorce.

1. Communication

Communication is the bedrock of any relationship. Friends, Families, Business associates all stay relevant because we keep in touch, how much more our spouse who we share the same roof with? Lack of communication with your significant other can be a serious deal breaker and will send your marriage down the hill even before you’ve had a chance to climb.

To build a long-lasting relationship, you have to take charge and let your spouse understand that they can feel comfortable talking about anything with you, showing this with both words and actions. Be certain to discuss each other goals and see how to respect them whatsoever. Also, in cases where small or major fights breakout, ensure that you treat your spouse the same way you would in the smooth times and understand that it is not more than a misunderstanding.

Never go to bed without resolving issues and keeping your egos high. Shower both genuine flattery and appreciation on your lover and make them always feel like a friend and lover. A certain sign of failure is when you start finding out things for their friends or outsiders. Ensure that you talk your issues and do so comfortably, never avail your spouse the chance to communicate better with outsiders.

2. Appearance

A common mistake most people make after marriage is not being at the top of their game both swag and appearance-wise. As is the case with most people, the little things that matter during the dating and courtship stage such as hair trims and pressed khaki shorts start to matter less to one another as the chase is believed to be over. The unfortunate consequence of this belief is that as time goes by the level of attraction reduces.

A lot of unwanted scenarios can play on from here. Let’s take an instance where you are not too particular about your appearance and you have a beautiful spouse that is complimented and admired by other members of the opposite sex? Flirting is the least possible thing that can occur. This can however be prevented once both partners are mindful of their appearance and know what can turn on or off their lovers.

Staying on top of your looks will not only make you more attractive to your spouse but will strike a great image in their heads when someone flirts with them because they already have a better package at home.

3. Do the Little things

Marriage is a partnership and no role is permanently designated to a particular sex. If you have kids and you know how hard your wife works, you could help out with home chores from time to time and occasionally skip some night out with the boys to stay back and be a better father and husband. If there are no kids, do the little things that help keep the romance sizzling hot.

Send a flower to her work place, plan surprise getaways, occasionally dine at fine restaurants. Another way to blow your partners mind off is to try to show interests in their hobbies; go a watch the game with him sometime and he can come to the beauty spa with you. These little things build the biggest bonds that make it difficult to just pack and leave.

4. Never abuse your spouse

This is a no-go area whether physically or physiologically. In more than 80 percent chances are it’s the male folk that are often physically abusive towards their wives. Whatever the case, do away with inflicting physical or emotional pain on your partner just because you can or because an argument has gone wrong.

In cases such as these, the best ways out of seriously heated argument is to pick the car keys and head out or just take a stroll to calm your mind. Also, do not inflict mental scars, undermine or degrade your spouse even with words as the mental scars are the ones that hurt the most. A significant reason exists every time for anyone who wants to leave an abuse partner, don’t be that person. One of the most common reasons that people seek out family law practices in Altamonte Springs is to seek options when facing abusive partners.

5. See a Counsellor

If all means to dialogue and resolve issues one-on-one have failed, the best thing is to result to seeing a marriage counsellor. The years of experience they possess can be beneficial to helping you find ways to keep your relationship afloat. Agree and schedule an appointment and be sure to be open about each other’s feelings, and remember that a counsellor will always be your better solution over common friends and acquaintances because they can give the best suggestions without assuming any side. If you want a recommended marriage counsellor, look online for the best rated ones, ask from friends or ask your family law practice in Altamonte Springs to refer you to the one they use for clients.


While it’s not always easy to keep a long-lasting marriage, the first steps in the right direction are to ensure that proper communication, appreciation and respect exists in a relationship. Remember, it is always better to resolve issues and divorce should always be the last line of action when every other thing fails.