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3 Tips for Dealing with Spousal Abuse

3 Tips for Dealing with Spousal Abuse

3 Tips for Dealing with Spousal Abuse

It’s a fact that many marriages simply don’t go as smoothly as planned. This is precisely why studies show that many legal unions may end in the hands of a divorce attorney in Orlando, FL. However, there is simply no excuse or reason to have to live with spousal abuse. This is wrong on every level, and if you’re the victim of this type of abuse, there are things you must do quickly. Knowing some tips that can alleviate the stress of this situation and allow you to feel safer are ideal.

Tip #1: Create an exit plan

You may feel that you’re forced to stay with this individual because you simply don’t have a place to go. This is a bad idea, and at the very least you should phone a friend or family member that may offer you a place to stay for the short-term.

However, taking the time to consider doing the things that are listed below can be of great assistance to you:

  1. Gather all of the official documents from the home you need and put these in a safe place. This could be your bank statements, title to your vehicle or other assets you have.
  2. Get out some cash to help you pay for a hotel or other accommodation for a short amount of time until you can find a place to live.
  3. Be sure to get the number of a friend that you can call for help if this is necessary while in this transitional state.
  4. Have the name and number of a family lawyer in Orlando, FL to contact.

Tip #2: Record the conversations

It’s ideal to work to remain calm and keep your spouse calm to prevent any abuse from occurring. Of course, until you can get out of the house, this can be a challenge to do.

Some tips include avoiding any arguments if at all possible. This is one thing that may lead to the abuse, and this is what you’re trying to prevent while in the presence of this individual.

One thing that may be helpful if your case goes to court is to have evidence on hand. Be sure to record any verbal or physical abuse if possible that you can show to your family lawyer in Orlando, FL.

Tip #3: Get an emergency phone

One way to prevent your spouse from being able to know where you are or to contact you is by having an emergency phone. These can be purchased at a variety of locations, and you can typically pay for these by getting a certain number of minutes placed on this device.

Having this type of phone will allow you to connect with others and won’t be noticed by your spouse. There’s a good chance your spouse could have access to the phone bill and may be able to track you down. However, getting an emergency phone can entirely prevent this from happening.

Don’t ever stand for spousal abuse and work to get away from this situation as quickly as you can. It’s in your best interest to consult with a divorce attorney in Orlando, FL fast to help you know your legal rights and better understand what you need to do. Be sure to protect yourself and your health be removing yourself from this threatening situation as fast as possible!