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Staying Civil for Children After Divorce

Staying Civil for Children After Divorce

Staying Civil for Children After Divorce

The period of a divorce is usually a very trying time for former couples, however, the impact of this stressful time is more pronounced when children are involved. Even in the most seamless of separation children are plagued by self-doubt, regret and self-blame. The effects of a divorce have far reaching implications for children and might even affect their choices in later life. This moment can be further complicated when there is bitter between parents. Custody battles are a destructive force that cause conflict and hurt to all parties involved with the children being collateral damage in the process.

The separation of parents should not necessarily result into the devolution of a family.
Studies have shown that when parents can be amicable even after a divorce, children fare much better and everyone in the family is much happier after the divorce in their respective lives. Paramount to achieving a functional and happy family post-divorce is the principle of putting the children first. The joy of the child is the goal of every parent and little squabbles pale in comparison to the devastating effect a broken and estranged family can have on the kids.

A myriad of reasons might lead to a divorce; a gradual growing apart or a turbulent breakdown of relationship, whatever the case might be, the parentage of children is never a doubt and the best solution would be an outcome that works out for all the parties involved. While children should not be kept in the dark, they need to be protected from any circumstance that would adversely affect their growth and development.

Even though the hurt of a divorce might still be fresh, parents that find the strength to reach decisions that are the best of their children and ultimately themselves have been found to have the highest life satisfaction. Research has shown they are more likely to move on to more productive relationships and move past their experience of divorce no matter how difficult it may be.

Before starting divorce proceeding, finding a divorce attorney in Altamonte Springs that you can work with is very important. Then, you open the lines of communication between you and your former partner and have a conversation with the kids in mind. You should also involve the children that are old enough in the decision process like which parent they prefer to stay with primarily, where they want to spend holidays or the weekend and other decisions that directly or indirectly affect them.

Parents should factor in their own job commitments, the location of the children's school, your child's friends and other pertinent aspects. Bottling up emotions of hurt and rejection is usually a big burden a lot of people face. A good way to deal with this is to see a therapist that you can trust. Sharing your feelings and getting professional advice from a therapist and your divorce attorney in Altamonte Springs goes to go a long way in the healing process and in the resolution of animosity that could hinder a working relationship with your ex.

Seek the support of good and honest friends who can act as a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear. Have a working guide with your spouse on how to manage the kids and try to adhere to this. Consult your kids. Be fair but firm. No matter how you feel, never use your children as pawns to hurt each other.

And in all, try to see the sunny side of life. There is still so much life has got to offer even after a divorce.