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4 Reasons to Consider a Mediated Divorce

4 Reasons to Consider a Mediated Divorce

4 Reasons to Consider a Mediated Divorce

If you’re in the midst of ending a legal relationship, this can be a tough time for you. It’s ideal to speak to a divorce attorney in Winter Park, FL advise you on the least stressful way to divorce. It’s important to choose the method that will cause you the least amount of anxiety and enable you to move forward with your life single. Of course, this can be much easier said than done, but a mediated divorce may just be your best option. This marriage dissolution will involve meeting with together with the right legal professionals to determine major decisions that must be made when you and your spouse part ways. Being aware of the many reasons that you may want to select this divorce may encourage you to do so.

Reason #1: Cost-effective

One of the larger challenges of ending a marriage can be the expense of doing so. If you are both agreeable on a divorce, your family law practice in Winter Park, FL may advise you to choose the mediated option.

You may be able to save lots of money when you turn to this type of divorce versus many of the other types that are available to you. This is due to being able to sit down and discuss with your soon to be ex-spouse the details of ending the marriage.

Reason #2: Make key decisions

There are many things that must be decided if divorce is looming in your near future. The key to being able to make these easier rather than more challenging may rest in having a mediated divorce.

Listed below are some issues that can be discussed at this meeting:

  1. Deciding on which partner will get the home or if it will be sold and the money split between the couple.
  2. Determining how joint debt will be paid.
  3. Working to decide on how child custody will be issued or shared between the spouses.
  4. The division of retirement accounts if the marriage has lasted a long time.
  5. Determining if there will be any need to contact each other in the future and how this will be done.

Your divorce lawyer in Winter Park, FL is sure to be your best resource to turn to during a mediated divorce.

Reason #3: Have a faster resolution

The last thing you may want to do is to have a long and drawn out divorce that could take months or longer to resolve. However, the dissolution of a marriage can allow this to happen if you choose certain methods for ending the marriage, such as a contested divorce. This type is necessary if you aren’t both agreeable to the divorce and is sure to take a long time and a long battle in court to achieve.

Your family law practice in Winter Park, FL can work closely with you during a mediated divorce and work to have the fastest possible resolution of it. This can be ideal in allowing you to have less stress and more peace for allowing you to move forward with your life. This can also be the key to having much less emotional turmoil in the process.

The benefits of a mediated divorce are numerous and can allow you to have the peace of mind you so desperately seek after dealing with a troubled relationship. The key to having the most success in being able to get on with your life in a positive way after this negative situation may rest in a mediated divorce while relying on the expertise of your divorce lawyer in Winter Park, FL.