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4 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

4 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

4 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Nobody goes into the marriage with plans to get divorced. The word “divorce” continues to attract negative impressions of failure, sadness and plenty of legal drama. Despite the fact that the divorce rate has been reducing over the years, it is still a possible outcome of a lot of marriages. That’s part of why a family law practice in Winter Park is still in business.

It is almost impossible to be prepared for divorce especially given the rose-colored spectacles that most couple have on at the beginning of the marriage. For the most part, a divorce is the product of an unhappy relationship. There are many reasons why people become unhappy in marriages and research has shown that these reasons are actually common among divorcing couples.

We will be looking at some of the most frequent reasons that couples give for getting a divorce.

1. Lack of support during good times

Amazingly, a lot of spouses talk about how their marriages broke down and it is not usually lack of support during hard times like work issues or health difficulties. The general conception is that spouses need support when they are going through stressful situations. The flipside however is that they also need that support when they have moments of happiness of personal achievement. When divorcees are questions, one frequent reason why many people quit their marriage is because they feel that their partner was not supportive when they had happy moments.

One of the secrets to a happy and lasting marriage is the ability to be there for your partner in times of personal success, celebrating with them and letting them know you are genuinely happy for them. If you are unable to celebrate with your spouse or do not feel like breaking good news to your spouse first, then your marriage is showing signs of distress.

2. Financial incompatibility

Money is one of the most common reasons for divorce in America. In fact, the first time most people walk into a family law practice in Winter Park is typically related to financial issues in their marriage. It is not simply that people get divorced because of financial difficulty. Money plays a role in the breakdown of a marriage when the couples argue a lot about money, sometimes even in excess.

A happy home is one in which both parties have an understanding about their finances and work towards the same goals. Spouses have to agree on both spending money and saving money, otherwise they find themselves in a family law practice in Winter Park exploring their legal options. A spendthrift would be very unhappy with a frugal saver even when there is enough money left unless they can both find a way to unify their financial goals.

3. Communication

You cannot solve problems without good, clear and open lines of communication. Good communication is critical to everything in a marriage: intimacy, finances, home making and much more. Communication makes the good times memorable and the rough times endurable. Communication is the capacity to approach your partner, sit and share your thoughts, fears and dreams without judgement.

Being comfortable talking to your spouse is critical if you want to survive the stress of daily living even when you don’t have obvious problems. Good communication prevents harmless things from being misinterpreted, awkward situations get clarified easily and no one carries around issues or grudges. One advice that most couples find helpful is always creating a day or time every week for couple’s alone time where they can talk, do something they both enjoy and reconnect. You do not have to wait until the alarms go off before establishing that closeness with your spouse. If you can always call your partner and open your heart, then chances are you will have a satisfying relationship.

4. Infidelity

Extra-marital affairs play a huge role in breaking up marriages. People give different reasons why they cheat and it is not always cut and dry. Some of the common reasons why people have affairs include anger, bitterness, difference in sexual preferences and the absence of emotional intimacy in the marriage. Unlike what people like to think that affairs start from a decision to cheat and an ensuing search to quench the urge, it could stem from an innocent friendship that slowly develops from emotional infidelity to physical cheating.

Any family law practice in Winter Park will tell you that the euphoria you may feel from having an affair will soon be replaced with guilt and perhaps lead to you losing things that are more important to you. One way to prevent cheating either emotionally or physically is to open up to your spouse whenever there is a need or a void that is giving you concern. If it’s sex, be open and talk about ways to improve your experience and work at it as a couple. Having an affair or thinking about it is usually a sign of troubles in a marriage, not always the cause of trouble.

Be proactive

Divorce is difficult and can be emotionally tasking. Knowing some of the causes is halfway to preventing them. If after trying your best and unfortunately, there is a need for a divorce, take action immediately to protect yourself and your belonging. Visit a family law practice in Winter Park today and see a divorce attorney.

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